Shivangi Joshi is a natural and amazing actress. Shivangi’s effortless portrayal of Naira in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai made her character iconic within a short time. With her dedication and hardwork she is one of the top actresses of ITV with million of fans across globe. She has phenomenal acting skills and does her scenes flawlessly.  Some breadth taking performances of Shivangi in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are to be remembered long. Let’s check out!!

Naira’s Sacrifices Her Love:

Naira was in love heads over heels for Kartik and about to confess when she finds out her cousin sister Gayu also has feelings for Kartik. Later, Gayu confessed her love in front of rest of family members, and Naira takes a very strong decision of sacrifice her love for her sister’s happiness. This phase was truly outstanding brilliantly portrayed by Shivangi.

Akshara’s Death:

Akshara’s death was a very shocking point for Naira’s family. Her family and she herself initially doubts on Kartik that he is one who’s hit Akshara from his car. Meantime, Naira consoles entire family and Naitik in such difficult times. Later she finds out and proved that Kartik is innocent. The entire track was difficult, because of involvement of every emotion be it sorrow, anger, love, strong and family bond, but Shivangi did effortlessly.

Naira Becoming Bride:

In the whole wedding sequence, as Naira, Shivangi expresses all the emotions of Bride in very impressive and real way. The mixed feelings of bride, the nervousness, happiness and emotions, with which every girl can relate to is bring to life on screen by Shivangi. Special mention to Bidaai scenes, in which Shivangi totally nailed it and left all of us teary.

Naira Overpowering Kabir:

Shubham’s friend and Naira’s crazy fan Kabir admired and loved Naira in a psyco way, even after knowing that Naira is married. He did crazy things like writing letter with his blood and more. Initially, Naira got scared and disturbed with this, but later when she finds out all the truth and intentions of Kabir, she decides to punish him. That track was really amazingly done by Shivangi showcasing women empowerment.

Naira Became Single Mother:

After show took 5 years leap, Naira was shown as a single mother of Kairav. She single-handedly nurtures Kairav, and takes care of all his needs and desires. Shivangi does this very challenging role of single mother in such a young age with so maturity and commendably.

So tell us in comments your favorite track or phase from these, and give all the hearts to Shivangi’s commendable performances and hardwork. For such a more contents stay connected with us, Let’s get buzzing…!!!