Pandya Store has been winning the audience’s hearts with its gripping plot and intriguing twists. With Rohit Chandel and Priyanshi Yadav playing the lead characters in the show post-leap, the audience is eager to know what’s cooking ahead on the show, and here is something to pique your excitement.

The current track of the show revolves around Dhaval and Natasha. In the upcoming episodes, the audience will witness high-voltage drama on the show. The viewers will see Natasha arriving on horseback in an exquisite blue bridal lehenga, wanting to make Dhawal her groom and marry him. The impending difficulty, though, is going to be in Natasha whether she will be successful in carrying out the plan in spite of Chiku’s opposition. The anticipation surrounding what is transpired by Natasha is further increased by the uncertainty surrounding Natasha’s ability to obtain the Makwanas’ documents. Despite the challenges she encounters, Natasha’s resolve to disclose Dhawal’s intentions becomes stronger. It will be intriguing to witness how the drama unfolds in the lives of Dhaval and Natasha. Will Natasha be able to obtain the Makwana’s documents? Will Chiku be successful in getting Natasha and Shashank married? Or will we see a reunion of Dhaval and Natasha?

Priyanshi Yadav, aka Natasha, from the Star Plus show Pandya Store, shares,” The story is going to take a huge turn, and the viewers will get to see high-voltage drama in the show Pandya Store as Natasha and Dhawal may reunite again and get back even stronger this time. From building the bond once again to making everyone accept their marriage, it’s all about how they stand with one another and tackle the complexities. It will be intriguing to witness if Chiku fails to plot this marriage and if Natasha is able to find a way out to marry Dhawal. Stay tuned for all the drama that will unfold in the lives of Natasha and Dhaval. Will they reunite once again? And how is something to watch out for!”

The Pandya Store is produced by Sphere Origins. Pandya Store airs on Star Plus from Monday to Sunday at 7.30 p.m.