Things are not going to get on track so soon like many fans are expecting. Things will take its own course of action and time to get back to normalcy.  In today’s episode, viewers will witness Sid and Ishani fighting with goons and then have some heart talk when theyRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Naren asking Veena if she still feel we shouldn’t give pre-nuptial paper to Sonakshi. Venna ask what is  pre-nuptial agreement. YK tells to Venna that it is an agreement so that Sonakshi after the marriage can’t claim rights on their property. Few hours before, Veena askRead More →

Last week in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, viewers witnessed a topsy turvy turn of events. Week started with misunderstanding, went to forced marriage and ended with clear of misunderstanding between leads Roshni and Aman portrayed by Ankita Sharma and Vikram Singh Chauhan. Aman saw Roshni dancing in a ceremonyRead More →

Today episode will came as a shock to SidIsha Fans who are dreaming of SidIsha coming together. Contrarily, makers will shock them when Dr. Sid will introduce Dr. Asha as his wife to Dr. Ishani and other hospital staff.  The whole episode then takes an unexpected turn with Dr. IshaniRead More →

Ansh Bagri has been loved for his performance and portrayal of Rocky Khosla in ‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’. We recently got into a conversation with him about the show, its abrut ending and his future endeavours. Read our interview to see Ansh getting candid on every front. Let’s talkRead More →