Today episode of Sanjivani 2 starts with junior doctors fighting with each other while Sid dances with kids. Junior doctors are soon beaten up badly while Asha and Ishani watch them and calls for help. But in the noise of Puja their voice goes unheard.  Here, in hospital Juhi andRead More →

 Episode starts with Mallika explains to Saumya that the way Soham misbehaved with Kinnars in future after learning Heer’s identity he will react in the same way. Saumya worries and further says to Mallika that she will teach Soham not to differentiate between peoples. Soham runs and Rohan and HeerRead More →

In the latest ‘Yeh Hain Mohabbatein’ episode, Ishita shares her fears with Yug about Raman. She is scared that his low confidence and Natasha will get better of him. Yug asks her to relax and tells her about their search for Dr. Mishra. Next morning everyone asks Raman to meetRead More →

Surekha is in shock after knowing that Akhilesh cheated on her. She faints while trying to get an answer for her questions. Suhasini orders Akhilesh to leave the house immediately. Akhilesh pleads saying he accept his mistake but ask her to not throw him out of the house. An enragedRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harak puts Vedant on gun point. Saumya interrupts. Vedant ran away. Harak chases Vedant but he somehow manages to run away. Harak accuses Saumya and yells at her for always supporting wrong people. He further asks Saumya to never step into his house again. Vedant callsRead More →

Anjali continued blabbering about how Shashank loves Juhi and therefore, told her to leave Sanjivani. She goes on adding that now Juhi is free from Rahul so now, Shashank and Juhi be together. On that, Shashank slaps her.  Ishani is with white flag for peace. But, Asha dumps it inRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham saying they will never leave Heer’s hand. Saumya gets happy. Harak ask them to say bye to him too before leaving. Mahi taunts Preeto and Preeto gives a befitted reply to Mahi. Saumya recalls Harak’s word and thinks till Rohan is with Heer,Read More →

Since the day Jennifer Winget announced the return of ‘Beyhadh 2’ a lot of speculations are bring made regarding the show. It’s one of the most anticipated shows in the history of Indian Televison. So, it’s natural all eyes are on it at the moment. Every little development, every littleRead More →