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In the upcoming episode of Star Plus p opular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mishti will apologize for her behavior and tell Abir she trust him. Abir will tell her that he found out about the guy’s family but they are all settled in US. He will ask Mishti to write a letter to them if it would make her feel better. Mishti will readily agree. Jasmeet will arrive at the Raizada Mansion and seeing her Kuhu will start crying. When Nidhi welcome her, Jasmeet will say that she cane to help for Ketki’s wedding as its Kuhu’s favorite Mami’s daughter. Nidhi will get pleased. Kuhu will complain to Jasmeet about Mishti ruining her life.

Later Mishti will offer to give the wedding cards sample at Varun’s house but Jasmeet taunt her of never doing anything right. Mishti will tell them she will handover to Abir who would give them. Mishti will prepare lunch for all. Varun will call Abir asking him to help in choosing his sherwani. Mishti will leave her letter at dining table. Abir will lie about the envelope when Meenakshi ask. Later he will burn it in the corridor in order to protect Mishti. Mishti will see this and get hurt.

When helping Varun, he mention to Abir that he suspect that his brother did not die from accident and that someone had hit him over head. He will share his thoughts about it being unfair to his family suffering the loss. Abir will feel guilty and leave immediately after choosing. Mishti will get the number of the man’s house from someone. Kuhu will follow her but couldn’t see the paper with numbers.

Later a furious Meenakshi will shout at Mishti in front of whole family after learning that Mishti hadn’t given the wedding cards. When Abir will try to defend , it will turn into an heated argument between mother and son. Meenakshi will tell Abir and Mishti that they are free from wedding responsibility. Ketki will find out the ticket booking Abir had made for Mishti and him next week to Bangalore. Inspite of family begging him to stay for wedding, Abir will refuse lying about Mishti’s health and seeing a doctor.

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