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Today’s episode starts with Anupama seeing her mobile. Nandini asks Anupama what happened. Anupama says she is trying to call Pakhi but she is not responding. Nandini says Pakhi might be tired celebrating Vanraj’s birthday and might be sleeping. Anupama says may be. There, Vanraj return back home. Kavya asks Vanraj if he went to the temple. Vanraj says yes and offer Prasad to Kavya. He finds Pakhi missing and worry. Vanraj asks Kavya about Pakhi. Kavya says she was taking bath. Vanraj says it was first time when Pakhi didn’t wished him. He asks Kavya if she said anything to Pakhi. Kavya asks Vanrja not to accuse her. She asks Vanraj to call Pakhi’s friend. Vanraj says he don’t have Pakhi’s friend number. Kavya suggest to call Anupama. Anupama gets a call from Vanraj. Nandini says to Anupama, Pakhi might be calling from his number. She asks Anupama to receive the call. Here, Pakhi walks on the road and recall Kavya’s word where she quoted because of Pakhi her privacy with Vanraj is getting hindered.

Anupama receive Vanraj’s call and wish him happy birthday. She asks Vanraj if everything is fine. Vanraj asks Anupama how she learned. Anupama says because of his voice. Vanraj tell to Anupama that Pakhi is missing and ask if she reached home. Anupama worry for Pakhi. Vanraj decides to go home and look for Pakhi. Kavya calls Pakhi insensitive and says she fetched today’s day to go missing. Anupama rushes to find Pakhi. She see Pakhi at door and hugs her. ANupama asks Pakhi why she is here. Pakhi says because Kavya was having problem with her. She further see Shah’s doing arrangement for Vanraj’s birthday. Nandini see Pakhi and welcome her home. Kinjal and Leela too hug Pakhi. Kinjal asks Pakhi why she came back home alone. Pakhi asks Kinjal if she don’t like her presence in the house. She asks Kinjal to remember house belongs to her too. Leela scold Pakhi.

Anupama decide to talk with Pakhi. Vanraj learn that Pakhi reach home. Kavya call Vanraj and asks about Pakhi. Vanraj tell to Kavya that Pakhi reached home and accuse Kavya for not able to take care of his daughter. He praise Anupama for handling the whole house. Kavya think it is good for her if Pakhi don’t return back to Vanraj. Later, Anupama tries to cheer Pakhi. Pakhi says to Anupama that she want her and Vanraj both. Anupama console Pakhi. She asks Pakhi to get ready to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday.Pakhi think Vanraj and Kavya has other plan for the day.

Here, Vanraj comes home. Shah’s wish Vanraj happy birthday. Vanraj asks about Pakhi. Leela says Pakhi is in her room. Kinjal bump into Pakhi. Pakhi misbehaves with Kinjal. Kinjal call Pakhi self-centred. Pakhi stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj choose his family over Kavya. Kavya decides to avenge Shah’s including Vanraj.