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Star Plus most popular hit show Anupama never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Nandini and Samar managed to escape but Pakhi landed herself in trouble. Now it will be seen that Pakhi will save her dignity herself while Kavya will try to make use of the chaotic situation on her favour.

Previously we have seen that, Samar and Nandini fought the goons and got on the taxi. Samar got overwhelmed by Nandini’s love and took her to temple to get blessings. Kavya tried to climb up to Vanraj’s room to get divorce papers but fails. Instead she overheard Kinjal scolding Pakhi for trying to go to party. She waited for Pakhi to make a mistake. Pakhi lied that she was doing group studies in video call and locked her room. She escaped to the party from the other side and Kavya video recorded it. Pakhi got stunned seeing very few Boys in the party, while the boy who invited her tried to find a way to kiss Pakhi to complete his challenge.

In the future episodes we will see, Kavya will speak ill about Pakhi to Bapuji and will show the video recording of Pakhi escaping to him. Bapuji will realise that he got fooled and will take Kinjal’s help to find Pakhi. Pakhi’s friend will try to touch her but Pakhi will warn him. He will try to molest her but Pakhi will slap him.

She will warn him to never repeat the same with any other girl. Kavya will try to make use of the situation to get her hands on the divorce papers. Pakhi will return home and will apologize Bapuji. She will explain whatever happened and Bapuji will console her. He will be proud of her and will ask her to learn from her mistakes. Vanraj and Anupama will be on their way to home.

Will Anupama and Vanraj will proceed with their divorce? Will Kavya marry Vanraj after his divorce with Anupama?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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