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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer takes Rani back infuriating Ranisa

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Episode begins with Kidnapper talks to Rani about Veer. He removes the mask and it turns out to be Jay. Jay receives Nanthini’s call and reveals her that he kidnapped Rani. She shocks hearing him. He says she only asked him to do something so he kidnapped Rani. She says she asked him to help her not to kidnap Rani. She says he messed up everything by kidnapping Rani. He says he is just helping Veer. She says he is confusing Veer and asks him to do something otherwise she will tell the truth to Veer. He says he is doing all this for her happiness only so she should not tell the truth to anyone and disconnects the call. He thinks he is doing everything for himself only and smriks.

On the other hand, Rajmata talks to Dikvijay about Rajeshwari’s case. Dikvijay says he is waiting to meet the Minister and asks about Rani. She hides the truth from him and disconnects the call. She asks Veer about Rani. Vikram says to Rajmata that Kidnapper shifted Rani to another place. Veer says he is not understanding what to do. Rajmata cries saying Rani’s life in danger and asks Veer to save her. Birju says he has to leave now. Veer asks him to call if he needs anything then. Birju asks them to inform him if they got any information about Rani then. Veer consoles the crying Rajmata.

Next day, Kiara asks Rajmata to have food because her health condition is not well already and it may worsen if she starve then. Kumud says they need strength to reach their destination that’s why they should eat. Vikram asks Rajmata to not cry. Kumud asks Veer to have food. Veer says how can he reach the destination when he has no idea about the path. He worries about Rajeshwari and Rani and refuse to have food. Kumud says how she used to feed Veer when he was kid and pleads him to have food. He yells at her and asks why she is forcing him. He asks how can he eat when Rajeshwari and Rani is suffering. He realises that he talked rudely to Kumud and apologize to her. Kumud feels bad and leaves from there.

Rani prays to God to help Veer to find her. Rajmata consoles the crying Kumud. She says she understood that Kumud just wants Rajavat family’s happiness and asks how she end up doing that huge mistake. Kumud says she can’t tell the truth and asks her to forgive her if possible then. She says Rajavat family is her family so she can’t see them like this.

Rajeshwari sees strand of hair in the food and refuse to eat. Other criminals mocks her. Veer learns that they can’t get bail for Rajeshwari in 24 hours. Vikram brings samosa for Veer and talks like Rani. Veer recalls how he used to eat samosa with Rani. Vikram pleads him to eat samosa and feeds him. He says he talked to Vijay about Rani and they will find her soon. Rani believes Veer will come to save her.

Episode ends.