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Episode begins with Vikram brings samosa for Veer and talks like Rani. He says if Veer didn’t eat it then he will complaint about it to Rani. Veer recalls how he used to eat samosa with Rani. Vikram pleads him to eat samosa and feeds him. He says he talked to Vijay about Rani and Police doing their work so soon they will find her. He says they need not to worry about Rani because she is strong enough to handle them. Suddenly, he breaks down in front of Veer. Veer hugs him and console him. Nanthini overhears their conversation and thinks she can’t see Veer like this and decides to talk to Jay.

Nanthini calls Jay and asks him to leave Rani. She says he can’t even imagine what’s happening in her house. He says he is doing all this for Rajeshwari only. She says to him that she can understand that his intention is not wrong but his way is wrong. He tries to convince her but she doesn’t let him say anything. He asks her that why she worries about Rani. She says to him that her concern is her family and Rani is her family’s happiness. She asks did he ever thought what will happen to him if anyone find out the truth then. He says he will end up in jail and he may even reveal her name to Police. She shocks hearing him. He says if Veer got to know that she is involved in Rani’s kidnap then he will cut all ties with her. He says after Rajeshwari’s release he will leave Rani for sure and disconnects the call.

Vijay assures Ramadheer saying that they will find Rani soon. Ramadheer says seems like Kidnapper is such a dangerous person and pleads him to do something. Vijay says to him that his special team searching her so he need not to worry. Ramadheer asks him to not inform Rajeshwari about Rani’s kidnap.

Later, Vijay visits Veer and discuss about Rani’s kidnap. Veer says to him that Kidnapper should not know that Police searching Rani. Kidnapper video calls Veer and reminds him about the deal. Veer says to him that he want to talk to Rani. Rani asks for water. Veer hears her voice and tells Kidnapper to give water to Rani, but he refused. Kidnapper tells Veer to not waste time in useless things.

Veer wonders how he is going to save Rani. Rani says to Kidnapper that she knows that Veer will come to rescue her. Veer tells Vijay that he has to save Rani no matter what. Veer recalls about Rani’s accident and remembers he need to give injection to Rani today.

Ramadheer asks Veer about Rani’s kidnap. Veer asks Ramadheer to trust him saying he will save Rani. Ramadheer says to him that he trust him completely. Veer informs Kidnapper about injection saying he need to give injection to Rani to save her life. Kidnapper tells Veer to come alone.

Champa calls Jay and asks him to give 5 lakhs to her. She says she knows that he is Rani’s Kidnapper so if he wants her to not reveal the truth to anyone then he has to give 5 lakhs to her and disconnects the call. Jay wonders how Champa got to know the truth.

Episode ends.