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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Veer says to Kidnapper that he also wants Rajeshwari’s release so Kidnapper should not hurt Rani and he informs him about Rani’s injection saying if he didn’t give that injection to Rani then her condition will get worse. Kidnapper says to him that he will send time and location to him and his guy will come to pick him. Veer thanks him. Ramadheer asks Veer that did he saw Rani’s face. Veer tells him to calm down and was about to leave the house but shocks seeing Dikvijay in front of him. Dikvijay asks Veer that what happened to Rani. He asks Rajmata that why she lied to him and what’s the need to hide this huge truth from him.

Rajmata says to him that he was already worried for Rajeshwari so she didn’t wanted to worry him more. Dikvijay says to his family that Rani is Rajavat family’s daughter in law and they are not understanding the seriousness of this issue. He moves towards Ramadheer and promises to him that he won’t let anything happen to Rani and was about to call the Police commissioner but Veer stops him saying he is going to meet Rani.

He says to him that Vijay and his team helping them already so they should trust them. He asks him to trust him in this matter and assures his family saying he will return with Rani and leaves from there. Veer waits for Kidnappers. Kidnappers ties Veer’s hand and takes him to their hideout.

Nanthini says to Jay that he eeinvolved her in this kidnapping and asks him to not hurt Veer. Jay says to her that Veer is her brother so he won’t even think to hurt him. He asks her to not tell his secret to anyone and says he urgently needs 5 lakhs and asks her to arrange 5 lakhs for him saying he will return it soon and disconnects the call. Nanthini wonders how she is going to arrange 5 lakhs. She sees Kiara and thinks now only Kiara can help her.

Kidnapper unties Veer. Veer gets emotional seeing Rani. Kidnapper asks Veer to give injection to Rani instead of wasting time. Veer informs Rani about the injection and asks her to not lose hope because he will rescue her definitely. Kidnapper mocks Veer. Veer attacks the Kidnappers and Jay sees everything. Veer unties Rani and Jay hits Veer from behind. Veer loses his consciousness.

Later, Veer regains his consciousness and realises that Kidnapper planning to shoot Rani and he apologize to him. He asks him that why Kidnapper punishing Rani when it was his mistake. Kidnapper says to him that it’s an punishment for Veer only, because of him Rani going to die now. Veer pleads him to leave Rani but Kidnapper shoots her and it turns out to be Veer’s dream. He realises that he is in his house. He says to his family that Rani believes that he will rescue her but he broke her trust. Nanthini thinks Jay crossed his limits by hurting Veer and she won’t forgive him for that.

Episode ends.