Shrimad Ramayana face, actor Arav Chowdharry, shares his experience making a Telegu debut. From talking about his character to what’s upcoming for the hunk, the dashing actor revealed the details in an exclusive interview. Check it out below.

1. How is the shoot panning out ?

The shoots have been hectic but great; it’s a linear track, so some are filming beyond the call of duty. I’ve been shooting for 17 hours or so, but the work we’re churning out is lovely.

2. Has it been difficult living at days on end away from home and comfort?

Thats every actor’s life, I believe one travels all over. Sometimes the schedules are hectic, but at work, we are connected over the phone multiple times in the day, so the distance does not feel as bad. Always a video call if I miss them too much. Technology helps.

3. How long do you take to get into the avatar of Raja Dashrath?

It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the particular scene one if filming.

4. We know you are making your telegu debut as well; please give us a few details on it.

I have done two Tamil films earlier. This is my first ever telegu film. The subject is strong, and I play one of the leads in it. It is about the period of 1947–1948, when, post-independence, Hyderabad refused to be a part of India. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel sent an army operation called Mission Polo, which was led by Major, whose character I play is very significant and important and close to my heart. a great way to debut, I feel. What a great subject!

5. What next from your platter?

I am in talks, and when the time comes, I shall divulge very soon. I am superstitious that way.

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