Colors TV newly launched show Bahu Begam is all set for an emotional ride. From the moment it’s launched the show has been filled with only twists and turns with each episode.

In previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor loses her mother and fiancee Faiz in the fire accident which broke out during her marriage. Its believed that it’s because of Shayra the fire accident took place and Noor hates Shayra for it. The humble and caring Shayra who wishes only for Noor’s happiness can’t tolerate her hatred towards her. Shayra, Azaan, and Razia tries explaining Noor but in vain. Noor gets provoked timely by evil Surraiya who hates Razia to the core. Surraiya keeps fuelling Noor’s mind with hatred against Shayra thus turning her completely evil. Noor who wants revenge from Shayra asks for Azaan from Shayra. Noor asks Shayra to give divorce to Azaan and give him back to her. Noor believes that she’s destined to be Azaan’s wife and calls Shayra the other woman. Shayra denies Noor’s wish and tries explaining Noor but she remains firm.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Noor pressurizes Shayra to leave Azaan and threatens to commit suicide if she doesn’t budge. She even threatens her by standing on the railing when she sees Azaan romancing Shayra. She couldn’t bear the sight of them romancing each other. Shayra asks for a time as it’s a very big decision while Noor gives her two days time. Noor who’s evil will act innocent in front of Azaan and Razia and pretends to forgive Shayra. When Shayra decides to reveal Noor face to Azaan Noor tries suicide by jumping down from the terrace. Azaan and Shayra get shocked and try waking Noor who’s unconscious on the floor.

Did Noor really attempts suicide or is she faking it to stop Shayra from revealing her true face? Will Shayra stands firm or will give in to Noor’s demand seeing her suicide attempt is yet to be revealed.