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Colors TV show Bawara dil is slowly garnering audience through its interesting storyline. Shiva and Siddhi who are different from each other will be coming together having one goal in their mind. It would be interesting to watch what kind of journey they will have.

Previously we have seen due to misunderstanding Siddhi files complaint against Shiva. Shiva in order to take revenge from her kidnaps her on her wedding day. Gaurav’s parents cancel the wedding and insult Siddhi and her parents. Siddhi pleads so that the kidnapper sets her free but she doesn’t get any response. At last she sees Shiva in front of her.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see Siddhi and Shiva have a hit argument. Shiva will say I returned your favour. You put blame on me and I too took revenge. Shiva says you don’t know what you have done to me. Today is my wedding. Shiva says your wedding is over already. Siddhi gets shocked and she returns home.

Malini pours water on her outside as she will be considered as impure. Gaurav too will meet her and will ask some questions to her. He says how is it possible that Shiva locked you and has done nothing to you! Siddhi feels frustrated.

Will Gaurav be able to trust Siddhi?

Will Siddhi take action against Shiva?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. Keep watching Bawara Dil.

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