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Today’s episode opens with Day 63 at 8 Am; Housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘hum bhi hain josh mei’ song.

9:15 AM; Jamsin talks with Rahul and Nikki and says with race to finale everyone’s true shade was out. Rahul says Rubina was fake. There, Abhinav praise Rubina and her game strategy.

Later, Eijaz and Rahul argue with each other. Rahul says none other than have kissed him without his consent.

3 PM; Rahul talks with Eijaz. Eijaz says to Rahul he is making him uncomfortable.

5:30 PM; Jasmin talks with Rahul about Rubina. Ahead, Rahul says to Jasmin he is going to irk Eijaz. Rahul goes to Eijaz and back hugs him.

6 PM; Eijaz and Rahul cleans the utensils. Both of them argues.


6:15 PM; Jasmin talks with Rahul. Both discuss about Eijaz.

6:45 PM; Rubina asks Eijaz if Rahul disrespect him too. Eijaz says yes. Abhinav and Rubina discuss about Rahul along with Eijaz.

At confession room, Bigg Boss welcomes Vikas Gupta, Rakhi Sawant. Bigg Boss asks wild cards their parameter to judge the contestants. Rakhi says she will judge who is more entertaining. Vikas says who is making good strategy. Rahul says he will judge who makes good relationship. Kasmera says she will judge upon who is more real in the house.

Later, Bigg Boss says they are just one day far from finale. So, today based on parameters told by known face, inmates have to judge the person.

Task starts with Nikki. Bigg Boss asks inmates if Nikki is strategic. Inmates support strategic. He asks do Nikki was entertaining or not, Rubi, Abhi, Rahul, Eijaz and Jasmin support her. BB asks inmates do Nikki made relationship. All disagree with BB. BB asks Nikki is real or fake. Nikki was called fake.

Bigg Boss further gives Nikki an opportunity to vent out her frustration on the contestant she feels like. Nikki calls Rahul fake and vent out her frustration on him by placing his tag on punching bag and kicks him. Rahul says he don’t want to give any explanation. Niki and Rahul argue with each other.

8:45 PM; BB says now it is a time to judge Eijaz. He questions inmates. In between the task Eijaz and Rahul argues with each other. Later, Eijaz was called strategic, entertaining and fake. Ahead, Eijaz says Jasmin don’t deserve to be the finalist because she is irritating and don’t have independent thinking. Jasmin defends with each other.

9:30 PM; Abhi says to Eijaz none deserves anyone’s explanation. Eijaz disagree with Abhi. There, Rahul asks Jasmin not to give Eijaz any importance and should not hurt by his words.

Further, Abhi was called strategic, boring, real and all called he was here to make holiday. Abhi targets Rahul. He calls Rahul irritating, misogyny and says he has bad mouthed his wife.

10:30 PM; Bigg Boss says it is time to judge Jasmin. Jasmin was called brainless, opportunist, boring, real and half-fake. Jasmin targets Eijaz. She says eijaz says each week Eijaz flaunted her different personality and played character each week. Jasmin says Eijaz is fake. Eijaz and Jasmin argues with each other.

11:45 PM; Rubina is judged. She is called strategic, opportunist, entertaining and real. Bigg Boss asks Rubina to vent out her frustration. Rubina targets Rahul. She says he never respected anyone inside the house. She calls him fake.

12:45 PM; Rahul is called. He is called entertaining and real. Nikki, Rubi, Abhi and Eijaz speak against Rahul. Rahul defends himself. He says he respects girls. Nikki gets offended when Rahul address her dog. Rahul says Nikki don’t deserve to be in the house. Nikki says Rahul flirts with her PR. Rahul says her PR said to become couple with Nikki.

2AM; Eijaz talks about Rahul with Abhi and Nikki. Niki says Rahul is flirter. (Episode Ends)