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Today’s episode started with Salman welcoming audience. He discusses Shukrvaar Ka Vaar. Host tell this season he will not meet housemates from the stage but he will see them in the house. Salman meet housemates in the house. Housemates get happy seeing Salman.

Salman tell to inmates that this season he will not talk with the inmates from stage but closely in the house. Inmates get excited. Salman asks housemates to sing Bigg Boss anthem.

Salman asks Abdu if he is missing his home. Abdu says not much. Salman tell to Abdu that audience loves him. Abdu gets happy. Salman asks housemates to teach Hindi to Abdu. Inmates nods. Salman asks housemates to first start speaking in Hindi as everyone speaks in English.

Salman surprises Abdu by giving him his dumbbell. Abdu gets happy and thanks Salman.

Salman next asks Abdu that nation wants to know which type of girl he wants. Abdu says beautiful. Salman enjoys.

Further, Salman talks with Nimrit and congratulate her for being season’s first captain. Nimrit thanks Salman.

Salman tells to Priyanka that she is doing good by Ankit is hampering her game.

Salman talk with Stan about his girlfriend. Stan shies away. Salman talk with Archana and says her game is good. He asks if she has to grind one contender whom she will choose. Archana says she don’t know as everyone fear her.

Ahead, Salman talks with Gori about her dance and bitching. He asks Gori to do some bitching. Gori tries to bitch. She tells to Salman that no one likes to talk with her and everyone is playing their game. Salman asks Gori to buck up her game so that everyone starts liking and talking with her.

Salman further asks who can give a competition to Gori. Housemates take Sumbul’s name.

Sumbul and Gori compete over a dance.

Salman asks housemates to vote for Sumbul and Gori. Everyone makes Gori win.

Salman tells about a task. He says 10 selected contenders will get a chance to be a part of his party on the occasion of Shukrvaar ka Vaar. Salman says first he will invite one person and that person will take other person inside. He invites Abdu first. Abdu invites Nimrit. Nimrit invites Gautam. Gautam invites Shalin. Shalin invites Sumbul. Sumbul invite Tina.

Salman asks Shalin to tell who 4 should not join the party. Shalin take Sajid, Priyanka, Ankit and Shiv’s name.

Further Tina calls Soundarya. Soundarya invite Stan. Stan invites Sajid. Lastly, Sajid invite Shiv.

Elsewhere, Shreejita and Manya argues with each other.

Manya talks with Shreejita. Shreejita asks Manya not to try to talk with her. Manya calls Shreejita a TV actress. Priyanka asks Shreejita not to use bad words. Shreejita asks Priyanka to correct Manya

Salman School Gautam for trying to copy other seasons contender. He advises him to be himself. Sajid and Stan side Salman.

Salman asks selected 10 contenders to start the party.

Salman exposes Tina about making groups. He tell Tina has claimed that Bigg Boss do nomination task to know which contender is in support or against, and plan task accordingly.

Salman talks with Nimrit and Sumbul too. Sumbul tell she feel bad when anyone ignores her and make her feel young.

Salman gives a task to Sajid. Sajid performs accordingly and entertains.

Salman praise Shiv’s game. He further tells to Shiv that he lows down in front of bigger group. Shiv says he avoid fighting to keep environment cool.

Salman asks Stan who he thinks is fake in the house? Stan takes Manya and Shalin’s name.

Salman talks with Shalin and says he has few misconceptions. He counts, Shalin think is he running the house. Shalin think he is good advisor and lastly he will promote Stan. Salman asks Shalin to come out from his misconceptions.

Further, Salman says to Abdu that he keeps complaining.

Ankit, Priyanka and Manya talk about Shreejita. Priyanka says Shreejita vented out because Tina went and she didn’t.

Salman asks inmates to gear up their game. He bid adieu.

Archana says that he is hurt with Gautam and Soundarya for not calling her. Shiv and Gori console.

Priyanka complaint to Abdu for not calling her. Abdu explains.

Nimrit talk with Sajid and says Priyanka isn’t letting Ankit to involve with anyone.

Tina talks with Sumbul and says Shalin and Gautam is pulling her leg for no reason. Shalin come and asks Tina the reason.Tina tells to Shalin that she is having trust issues with him ad Gautam. Shalin and Tina argue with each other. Shalin says to Tina that except her no one frustrate him in the house. [Episode Ends]

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