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The episode starts with Kavin asking Venba to cover her face so that Dharma doesn’t see her. Venba covers her face. Dharma phones Shanthi. He scolds her for not picking his call. He says he’s in the same supermarket and asks her to come to the cash counter. He then asks her if she saw Saradha’s photo that he has sent. She says no. He scolds her again and asks to see the photo first. He says if Saradha catches her, she has to go to jail in the place of Shanmugam.

Venba sees Shanthi walking away. She tries to go behind her but Kavin stops her. He says they can catch her later as they got to know she lives nearby. They should first escape from here before Dharma sees them. Kavin takes Venba out. Saradha comes to that supermarket. Shanthi checks the photo sent by Dharma.

Saradha spots Shanthi. At the same time Shanthi sees Saradha’s photo. She remembers meeting Saradha in the hospital. Saradha calls out Shanthi. She says hope she doesn’t forget her. Shanthi remembers Dharma’s words. She runs away. Saradha goes after her but she flees getting into an auto.

Venba and Kavin are traveling in car. Venba notices Saradha on the road. She asks Kavin to stop the car. Venba hides in the back seat. Saradha stops Kavin’s car to take lift. She requests him to follow the auto. Kavin asks her to sit in front seat. Saradha tells the lady who placed drugs in her husband’s car is in that auto. They should catch her anyway. He asks him to drive fast.

Kavin assures her that they will. Venba prays to save her from chithi at the same chithi should catch that lady. Kavin miss that auto when a lorry comes between the car and the auto. Saradha gets upset. She says she has to find that lady in one day.

Kavin stops the car. Saradha and Kavin starts searching for that lady. Dharma phones Shanthi. The latter says she saw the lady’s photo he has sent in supermarket. She ran away. Dharma warns her that if Saradha catches her, she has to go to jail for seven years. He scolds her for coming out. He suggests to vacate her house. Shanti says she has moved to a new house. Dharma tells her Saradha can go to any extent to save her husband so don’t go out.

Kavin apologizes to Saradha for missing that lady. He says he should’ve been more careful. Saradha says that lady lives nearby, she has to find her before she leaves this area. Saradha gets lawyer call. Lawyer asks her to come to his office. Saradha tells Kavin that she knows everything as Venba told her everything. Saradha asks Kavin not to break Yazhini’s trust. Kavin says Venba isn’t at fault. Saradha says she knows that since she teached her good values. Saradha leaves. Venba and Kavin come back home. Venba cries. Kavin gets concerned and asks her why she’s crying.

The episode ends.