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Sun TV ‘s popular hit show Chitthi 2 never fails to engage audience with its interesting twists and turns. The show currently focuses on Venba’s challenge to make Kavin a businessman. Earlier its seen that Venba welcomed Natraj home. Now it will be seen that Venba will get worried about her challenge.

Previously we have seen that, Natraj returned home after recovering and Kavin and Venba welcomed them. Venba made him food and coffee and both the couples couldn’t express their heart out to get united. Mallika and Yazhini celebrated Subbu’s downfall while Gowri was disgusted at them. Venba got a video message from Mallika mocking and insulting her for continuous failure in her challenge.

In yesterday’s episode we witnessed, Venba and Kavin visited a bank manager for loan who’s a student of Sharda. The manager refused to give loans for big amount with our any collateral or surety. Kavin fought with him. Kavin and Venba were thrown out of the bank and was insulted. Natraj and Subbu witnessed it.

In the future episodes we will witness, Subbu will ask Venba about what happened. Venba will get worried about her challenge as only 15 more days or left. She will pray to God to help her.

Will Venba win the challenge? Will Natraj and Subbu help Kavin and Venba?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Chitthi 2, stay tuned to this space