High voltage drama ahead in Colors TV show Gathbandhan with Dhanak and Mai joining hands to prove Raghu innocent.

In the episodes, Dhanak keeps Vat Savitri vrat for Raghu. Dhanak ask Raghu to promise her that if she prove his innocence than he will not do wrong things. Raghu says she can try proving him innocent through right way and gives her a chance. Dhanak thinks about the way to save Raghu. Later, she goes to the temple with Raghu’s mother and looking at her thinks of something.

Twade comes to the chawl and laughs. Mai ask what he is doing here. Twade says he comes to check if they are ok as after two days they will be in prison. Mai ask him to stop day dreaming. There, Dhanak comes to know that Raghu too has kept fast for her. She smiles looking at him.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Mai will go to meet Twade and will join hands again Dhanak. She will say to Tawde that she wants to save his son but wants to trouble Dhanak. Twade will agree to her and further will see, Raghu too will come with the plan to trap Twade. Dhanak will ask Mai to support her to prove Raghu innocent and she will agree to her too. Later, Raghu and Dhanak surprise the family members by reached home together.

It will interesting to watch with whom Mai is playing game and how Dhanak will save Raghu, well time will only tell. Keep watching Gathbandhan, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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