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The colors show Dharam Patni is all about bad decisions, love and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights.

Kavya asks Mandip to return home at the beginning of the episode since Ravi appears to be becoming restless. Mandip and the rest decide to go after agreeing with Mandip. Pratiksha experiences vertigo and collapses onto Malhar’s arms. The calling bell is rung by Ravi and others.

Pratiksha refuses to unlock the door, so Kavya requests that he use his spare key to do so. When he opens the door, he finds Malhar and Pratiksha on the sofa in a precarious situation. Malhar is first beaten by Ravi. Ravi is urged by Kavya to express his rage towards Pratiksha rather than at him.

Pratiksha is unconscious and lying on the sofa. Kavya asserts that Pratiksha is in error. When Manvi displays two drinks on the table and claims that Pratiskha must have been drinking with Malhar while they were away and having fun, Kinjal tries to defend Pratiksha. When Ravi urges Manvi and Kavya to stop insulting Pratiksha, they continue to do so. Hansa objects and urges Kavya to stop after she raises concerns about Pratiksha’s moral character.

Kavya queries Malhar about his feelings for Pratiksha. Yes, according to Malhar, and Pratiksha also adores him. According to Malhar, Pratiksha simply called to let him know to come over because no one was home. Hansa approaches Malhar and slaps him. When Pratiksha comes to, she notices that her head is heavy. Pratiksha is questioned by Mandip about what is going on and what she is doing with Malhar. Pratiksha is made conscious by Kavya by throwing a glass of water on her face. She is asked to share her love tale by Kavya. Pratiksha scolds Kavya for being so disrespectful to her.

Manvi informs Pratiksha that she can no longer create fresh stories because everyone has already seen them. Pratiksha requests that Malhar be honest in saying that he came to get Pratiksha’s signatures on a few documents. Pratiksha is tasked by Malhar to be completely honest about their relationship.

In the next episode, Ravi would be seen asking Pratiksha to prove her innocence. Would she be able to prove herself ? What would be her next step ? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Dharam Patni and stay tuned to this space.