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The Episode starts with Shravan apologizing to Suman. He asks her to forgive him. She says you didn’t just do one mistake today. He says yes. She asks what you did with Avni and Ayaan, was it right, you have hurt her a lot, go and say sorry. He says I did that for Avni’s future, that guy can’t take a stand for himself. She says family opposed us when they got to know about our love. He says yes. She says we didn’t forget that, we have to understand Avni and Ayaan, you liked him and now you don’t find him suitable, you can’t humiliate him, let Avni decide for her life, you both will like it if you both have a talk. He goes to see Avni. Ragini says her mood is bad, don’t know what happened to her, is her business running well. He says yes, I will make her mood better. He goes to Avni.

She gets annoyed.
He says I came to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk. He says I was doing it for your betterment. She says great, is there anything left. He says I m just doing my duty. She cries. She says thanks for insulting Ayaan, he is much upset. He says he was a coward, I got to know he has ego problem as well, stay away from him. She says I will handle my problem, please go. He leaves. Suman thinks Shravan was also upset. He comes back. She asks what happened. He says Avni is crying, is this true love, he isn’t answering her alls. She says calm down first, don’t judge Ayaan. He says I have to sleep.

Bunty messages Kanchan. She says I m coming, wait. She looks for earrings. She calls Suman to ask her. Suman gives prescription to the officer. She says I never liked your earrings, it would be there. Kanchan says I m not getting it. Suman helps her find it. She asks where are you going now, office. Kanchan says no, I m going to meet someone. Suman asks who. Kanchan says there is someone. Suman says tell me his name, where did you get him. Kanchan says its a long story, I will call in the evening. She gets ready. Shravan comes to meet Suman. She asks is there any work. He says I can come any time.

He says go for your work, I just came to see you. She goes. He says I planned to have coffee with you, its fine. Suman meets Ayaan. She says I didn’t know you will come or not. He asks don’t you trust me. She says I do. He says I respect you all a lot. She says you love Avni, Shravan is protective about her, I m sorry from his side. He says no please. She says everyone was against Shravan and me when we wanted to get married, you shouldn’t lose faith on love, you love Avni, but didn’t receive her call, you didn’t think of her. He asks what shall I do. She says you have to think, Shravan thinks when you can’t take a stand for yourself, then how will you take a stand for Avni, you have to prove this. She goes.

Rajender talks to everyone. He asks Avni is everything fine. Avni says yes. Ragini says you didn’t have sweets. Avni says yes, I want to go back to US. Rajender asks why, you were going to stay here with us. Ragini asks are you hiding something from us. Ayaan comes home. Rajender asks how did you come at this time. He says he is Ayaan, Shravan’s friend, he started nursery work with Avni. Shravan asks how did you come. Ayaan says I had lied to you, I m not Shravan’s friend, sorry. Rajender says I didn’t get you. Ayaan says truth is, I love Avni and want to marry her. They get shocked. Shravan and Suman smile.

Ayaan says sorry, I wanted to settle down first and then come to talk to you. Rajender and Ragini ask him did he just come to talk. Rajender gets angry on Shravan. Devraj and Kavita return home. Devraj asks Shravan and Suman why did they hide this matter from them.