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The Episode starts with Choudhary asking Surabh and Bassi about Shravan. Shravan comes. Choudhary asks him to win the match. Shravan nods. Ronak comes to Shravan and says you are much confident before the match. Shravan says let the match begin and then we will see who wins. Suman says I was thinking to see Shravan’s match.

Devraj asks how will we see him. She calls Bassi and says I m with everyone with home, we want to see Shravan’s match, can you make a video call, don’t tell anything to him. He says okay, its a great idea. He calls back and asks can you see now. Suman says yes. They talk about Ronak.

Avni says we would have seen your match if we got this idea before. Devraj says I was about to say this. Kavita praises Suman. They see Shravan and Ronak playing the match. Suman says

I will have food once Shravan wins the match, he has to win, else his mood will spoil more. Kavita asks is his mood bad, don’t lie. Suman says we shall talk later. Shravan doesn’t play well. Choudhary gets worried. Round 1 ends. Devraj says players will have water and then round 2 will begin. Kavita says I wish he wins the round 2. Rajender says he lost the first round, so he is upset. Suman calls Bassi and says make me talk to Shravan now. Choudhary scolds Shravan.

Suman talks to Suman and asks him to play his best move. He asks how do you know about it, you are sitting there, don’t tell me how to play. She says we are watching you on video call. Everyone cheers him. He asks how is your health. She says I m fine, I will be better if you play well. He says then I will play well.

She says don’t think about the result and play well. Shravan plays well. The family gets happy. Rajender says Shravan’s team will win if he makes a point. Shravan wins the match. Everyone claps for him. Suman hugs Kavita. Choudhary smiles. Saurabh and Bassi hug Shravan. Ronak and others congratulate Shravan. Choudhary says I m proud of you.

Gujral says very well played, congrats. Doctor checks Suman and says you took medicines for fever, congrats for the win. Suman says I will bake a cake. Devraj says fine, but take care of your health. Doctor says yes, she can’t be careless. Kavita says you love Shravan a lot, what did he say to upset you. Suman says don’t tell anything to him. Shravan comes home. The family surprises him. They all congratulate him. He smiles. Jhumri says Suman baked a cake for you, I just helped her.

Devraj asks Shravan to cut the cake. Bassi calls him and says your regiment won the match after many years because of you. Shravan celebrates with his family. Shravan asks Suman to praise him too. She asks him to read it in her eyes. He asks her to be true. She says I got much happiness by your victory. He says I have to apologize to you. They have a moment.

Shravan stops Avni from meeting her friend. He argues with Suman for permitting Avni.