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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman, Shravan and misunderstandings!

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The Episode starts with Shravan talking to Bunty. He says I felt I know Suman well, don’t know when did I get so selfish, I thought nothing is imp to her than her ethics. Bunty says yes, right. Shravan says no, I matter the most to her, no, I was wrong, don’t know why did I think that. Suman talks to Dhua. She says we will try our best. She shows the file and asks him to sign. Shravan says give me bike keys.

Bunty says you came in your car. Shravan says car will take time in traffic, I won’t let her compromise on her ethics. Dhua says tell Shravan to participate in more sports. Suman says yes. Shravan takes the bike keys and leaves. Bunty asks what was he saying, why did he run away.

Suman says I had to talk to you. Dhua says tell me. Suman says I want a favor from you. Dhua says it’s two days you joined, you want a favor so soon. Shravan comes. Dhua says Shravan has come. Shravan greets him. Dhua asks him to participate in other sports, Suman was asking for a favor. Shravan says it would be great if we can participate together, she is particular about rules, I asked her to talk to you. Dhua asks were you talking about this favor, all the best, its nothing like a favor. Suman looks at Shravan. Dhua and Suman leave.

Kanchan waits for Bunty. She says he never comes on time, I will try one time and then leave. She leaves. Shravan practices badminton. Suman goes for her work. She offers to drop her junior. The lady says I can get an auto, Shravan is at badminton practice.

Suman asks till now. Kavita calls Shravan. He says I m waiting for Suman, we will be late, you can sleep. Suman comes to challenge him. They smile. He says I wait for such surprises. She says I was also surprised, I didn’t know what happened. He says I wasn’t believing when you came in front of Choudhary. She says I knew you are copying me.

They practice. He holds her hand. She looks around and says leave my hand. He gets her close. She smiles. Light goes when they get close to kiss. Shravan says we are still here, why did you switch off the lights. The man says lights will come back. Shravan and Suman smile. She says we will go home. They leave.

Kanchan calls Bunty. Beena comes and says you are upset today, what happened. Kanchan asks what will I do if someone calls me to meet and doesn’t come. Beena asks who did this with you. Kanchan says its not about me. Beena asks again. Kanchan says you are too good, you know everything, Dolly called me to meet, I told you about her. Beena says yes.

Kanchan gets angry and says she has a lot of attitude, she could have informed me on call. Beena says yes, maybe she was too busy, she will call you when she gets free. Kanchan says I will end her attitude today. She calls Bunty. Shravan comes to Suman and hugs her. He says I used to find you this way, what are you seeing. Suman says my house, time changes a lot. He says yes, its the beauty of time, we don’t know what things support us and make us feel stable, like love and understanding. She nods. He says I m sorry Suman.

She asks why. He says you know it, I knew you don’t like to compromise on your ethics, I spoke of that favor, really sorry for that, I know you love me a lot, you compromised with your ethics for my sake. She says I know you won’t do wrong with me and won’t let anything wrong happen. He says if you spoke to Dhua about the favor, I would have not met your eyes and mine. She says I was thinking of your happiness, when you left, I thought that I wasn’t like this, never, love affects us a lot, right. He says love is a beautiful thing, we won’t let it become our weakness, this will never happen again, I promise. She nods.

He says you, your ethics and everything matters to me, if this happens, then don’t listen to me or anyone. She nods. He says our talk will go on all night. She asks is there any plan tomorrow. He says not special, why. She says I thought maybe its there. They smile. She recalls their college days. He says I feel sleepy, good night. He goes. Suman smiles. She thinks its fine if you don’t remember that its valentines day, I will give you a surprise tomorrow.

Suman orders a hamper. She sees puja going on. She says thanks Shravan for not telling me about the puja. The hamper arrives home. She worries.