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The episode starts with Suman finding lots of her pictures in Shravan’s mobile. On the other hand, Shravan looks at Kanchan and Suman’s selfie because Suman is looking so pretty in dress given by him to her and says that usually he used to click her pictures secretly but today she sent the photo herself. Bunty wonders what if his mobile gets into Kanchan or Suman’s hands. Shravan is sure that Dadu won’t give his phone to Suman and even if it happens, she won’t check his phone since she is very righteous. He asks Bunty not to worry.

The next morning, Suman thinks what to do to confirm if Shravan really loves her. She says that she needs to make a plan to find it out.

Chachu comes at Tiwaris’ house. Dadu opens gate and Chachu tells him that they have been ordered to do the inspection of their house. Dadu is not really happy to let them in and says that he will complain about them since they didn’t send any notice before coming. He lets them in for inspection. Rajinder enjoys seeing Dadu worried from balcony.

On the other hand, Kanchan asks Suman why she is walking here and there. Suman is worried. Kanchan gives her juice to calm her down and asks her what happened. Suman tells her that she thinks that she was right about Shravan’s feelings about her. Kanchan says that she is never wrong about such things and Shravan was giving hints on hints. Suman says that she just thinks and isn’t sure about that so she has made plan and will surprise Shravan. Devika comes there. Kanchan says that class will start later. Suman says that she called her there. She thinks that she is sorry for Shravan but she has to do it.

In the meantime, Dadu feels that inspectors coming suddenly is fishy. While they inspect the house, Ramesh agrees that Dadu is right and there is something wrong. Beena argues with her since Dadu is always the one who takes decision in the house.

Inspector tells Dadu that they will keep coming and then asks others to park car ahead since he has to meet his niece Ragini. Dadu looks at him going to Malhotras’ house and meeting Ragini and Rajinder and thinks that they aren’t worthy of their friendship but even enmity is disgusting.

Later, Shravan meets Chachu too and then the latter leaves after saying that he has to complete his work. Shravan is confused wondering about what work. Rajinder, Ragini and Kavita decide to hide everything from Shravan.

After a while, Shravan goes to Tiwaris’ house for group studies. Aanesh asks him if his phone is on silent today. Shravan threatens to make him mute. He sees Kanchan and asks her about Suman. Kanchan pulls his leg since he didn’t ask for someone else but Suman. Just then Aneesh says “gorgeous”. Shravan turns around excitedly thinking that Suman is wearing the dress he gifted her but he gets shocked seeing the dress in Devika’s hands. Devika thanks him for the dress and says that she has understood that it’s his choice only.

Shravan asks Suman why she gave the dress he gifted her to Devika. He is clearly not happy with that and says that she could have said if she didn’t like it. Suman tells him that Devika lightened up seeing the dress so she gave it to her even though she herself had liked it a lot too.

Dadu comes. Shravan asks his phone to him. Dadu asks Suman to give his phone back otherwise he will complain to Chachu too. He leaves. Shravan recalls Bunty’s words. Suman gives back the phone to Shravan and curiously asks him if she can check his phone but Shravan is very hesitant. Suman says that it means he doesn’t trust her.

Shravan is saved by Dadu who comes back and starts lesson. Noticing Shravan’s behaviour, Suman thinks that her doubt about being more than a friend for Shravan was right and decides to talk about it with him.

Later, Bunty teases Shravan saying that he might have felt pain seeing the dress in Devika’s hands. Shravan complains about it. Bunty says that Kanchan might have given a plan to Suman or maybe she is pulling his leg. Shravan says that emotions are a thing too. He wonders why Suman wanted him to show his phone. Bunty wonders if she has already checked it but Shravan denies it.

Shravan gets Suman’s call and she says that she needs to talk to him about something important. Shravan asks to tell. Suman says that they should meet and then she will say because it’s something personal. Shravan gets pleasantly surprised hearing that. Suman asks him to come for walk with her the next morning at 6am. Shravan immediately accepts.

Suman cuts the call. Kanchan asks her what she is going to do. Suman asks her to keep patience as tomorrow she will come to know.

Shravan hugs Bunty and is so excited. He can’t believe what is happening. Bunty wonders how is all this happening so fast. Shravan is confused. Bunty makes him understand that Suman might be feeling what he feels for her too. Shravan says that he will faint if she confesses her feelings. He hugs Bunty and jumps with him. He says that he won’t ask anything more in life if Suman really loves him back.

Episode ends

Precap: Suman asks Shravan to do a race. They run together. Shravan recalls their moments together. They sit at a tea stall and Suman holds his hand.