By Anil Merani| Famous actor Sai Ketan Rao is excited about his second Star Plus show Chashni, which will premiere on 9th  March.

“My character is a fun-loving guy who comes to Punjab but is not good. He has an agenda to fulfil, for which he will do what it takes. You might call him grey, but I don’t know how to classify him? ” says he

Ask him about the new storyline of 2 sisters turning saas( Shrishti Singh)-bahu) Amandeep Sandhu), and he calls it an experiment and hopes the audience and the fans warm up to it” adds he 

Will having two female protagonists opposite him affect your screen space, “depends on how the writer pens the story. I am only concerned about giving my 100 % that janta Janardhan will take the final call.

 He refuses to comment on whether he is linked with the saas or bahu; why dont you watch the show next month?

 Sai is thrilled to be working with producer  Sandiip Sikcand again. “Viewers of the cult show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali are clamouring for more seasons. I have no say about this; only the channel and  PH can decide. I would hope that we have a season 2. “

Sai is a versatile actor who has juggled films, web series, TV shows, and music videos. “The fact that I am fluent in Hindi, Marathi and Telegu has opened more vistas for me. I am looking forward to picking up more lingos, so can I spread my wings to Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam too? I want to go international as well, i.e. Turkey and Hollywood. Doing different genres and languages hones the actor within as you learn more acting talent along the way. “ ended he