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Colors popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up with more drama with Ishan successfully creating a misunderstanding between Pakhi and Agastya.
Previously it was seen that Agastya and Pakhi were spending a romantic moment. A man’s arrival disturbed their moment. That man claimed that Agastya asked him to develop some Pakhi’s photos.

Agastya denied it. Pakhi suggested seeing the photos to clear the confusion. To prevent any misunderstanding between him and Pakhi, Agastya stopped Pakhi from seeing the photos and asked the manager to take that man out. The man dropped the photos deliberately and Pakhi saw them. Agastya tried to explain Pakhi that he didn’t ask him to click those photos.

Pakhi didn’t believe Agastya and walked away. She misunderstood that Agastya had put that hidden camera in the bedroom and broke down. Later Ishan approached Agastya with a new plan to trap him.
In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ishan will tell Pakhi about Agastya going to open a new ward for kids and providing artificial legs for them. On hearing this Pakhi will get confused.

She will think that one side Agastya is helping Ishan to become independent, but other side he is stalking him. The next day Pakhi will attend in the press conference. Some officer will arrive there and will arrest Ishan for fraudulent.

The officer will thank Agastya for giving them tip via mail. Agastya will deny of sending any mail. The officer will show the mail which has Agastya’s digital sign. Agastya will try to explain Pakhi that he is innocent. He will beg her to give him a chance to prove.

Pakhi will refuse to believe Agastya hereafter and will decide to leave him. But she will faint shocking Agastya.
What will happen next? Will Agastya find out that Ishan is behind all this?
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