Sab TV Ziddi Dil Maane Na is famous among the audience for its storyline. Show is gaining good rating for showing the life and struggle of Special Action Force. The parallel love angles in the show attracts the viewers the most. Amid the other characters out there Monami and Karan aka Kaveri Priyanm and Shaleen Malhotra’s Jodi is fans favorite. Fans adore them as MORAN. MORAN has fans heart for displaying natural chemistry. It all started with mixed emotion of love and hate. But as the story is moving forward MORAN is coming closer. Last day show witnessed the most awaited moment.

Karan finally poured his heart out to Monami. He confessed he equally love her. The scene was well-executed. The actors did splendid job and made audience hooked throughout the confession. Post Monami and Karan gets stuck while recusing others from the bad weather. Monami started getting freeze duo to old out there. Karan decide not to let anything happen to Monami. Monami confront Karan why he is taking care of her despite he don’t feel anything about her. Karan rubs Monami’s palm to heat her up. He further hugs her. Monami claims Karan is hugging her in pressure. She further asks Karan if he don’t feel like hugging her tightly. Karan than confesses his love for Monami. He tells her that rejecting her love was the mistake of his life. Karan adds now he equally wants to hug her tightly. He gets happy confessing his love for Monami. But hard luck, Monami fails to hear Karan’s ‘I Love You’ for her. Karan will be able to say it again when Monami wake up, well that will be worth a wait.

Well, talking about this scene, Shaleen and Kaveri compliments each other to the best. Their on-screen chemistry has seizes the heart many time. We all can’t wait MORAN romance to start soon in the show. Tell us if you want the same.

On story front, Karan will be assigned a new task. This time culprit will disguise himself to escape Karan and his team. Karan and his team will be able to catch him will be interesting to watch.

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