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The viewers are tuned to the show to find about the past of Devyani and the incidents leading to her present condition. With Pulkit finally accepting Devyani is his wife, what other secrets are we going to find out?

Pulkit tells Devyani is my wife, I married her ten years ago on Mahashivratri. Sai tells I came for lunch to your house only to find out the truth. Pulkit says and you saw Madhuri there and realized that I have moved forward in life but she is like my sister and I had to keep her in my house due to circumstances but I love Devyani and I cannot think about anyone else.

Pulkit tells some people created misunderstanding between me and Devyani, they told me she is married and lives with her husband and has left Nagpur. Sai tells maybe you are right and they told her the same thing that is why she keeps telling my husband is married. Pulkit tells Harini is our daughter, my and Devyani’s.

Sai tells Pulkit Devyani is not mentally well. Pulkit tells I love her a lot and once I reenter her life she will be well and even if she doesn’t I will be happy she still loves me. Sai tells I cannot understand why Devyani became like this? Pulkit tells today is an auspicious day, I want to meet Devyani so I will come to your house today.

Mohit disguised as a sage tells Bhavani I can listen to the taunts that are given to dreamers in this house. Pakhi asks him who is he? Mohit is disguised as the sage and he is about to call her Vahini but he manages to continue his drama. Ninad and Omkar criticize Mohit and yell his name, Mohit tells what happened and forgets he is playing the role of a stage. Bhavani tells him he maybe a good actor but that won’t make him feed his wife.

Tomorrow we are going to see Bhavani’s fear come true as Pulkit enters Chavan Nivas. Sai brings Devyani and tells today your husband Dr Pulkit Deshpande is here to meet you. Everyone watches them in shock.

Will Sai be successful in her plan of reuniting Pulkit and Devyani?

What will be the reaction on Chavan Family on seeing Pulkit after 10 years?

To know the answers stay tuned to Ghum Hai Kisikey Ke Pyaar Meiin only on Star Plus and Hotstar.