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Episode starts with Sai crying looking at Vinayak’s photo. She plays with his toy and gets teary eyes, while Virat comes there and becomes sad seeing her state. He brings food for her and ask her to have it, but she stays silent and ignores him. She lays on the bed without eating anything and takes Vinayak’s photoframe. She hugs the photo and sleeps turning away from Virat. He tries to convince her but gets unsuccessful, while she closes her eyes remembering how Virat snatched her baby and had given to Pakhi. Whereas, he also keeps thinking about the matter.

Here, 15 days later Pakhi takes care of the baby and keeps him along with herself. At that time Sai comes there and ask her to make Vinayak wear the sweater as the weather was cold. Pakhi denies and says he won’t feel nice wearing it. Sai gets frustrated with her and takes the baby. She makes him wear the sweater and plays with him.

Pakhi decides to take Vinayak out but Sai prohibits stating that it’s cold and it’s not good for his health. Pakhi ask Sai not to advice her as she can decide good for her baby, while the latter reminds Pakhi that she is not the real mother. Sai also given an open warning to Pakhi and determines to expose her in front of everyone.

Elsewhere, Chavans feels relaxed and Bhavani says that everything gets fine after the birth of Vinayak. At that time Pakhi comes there holding the baby, while Virat states that if his son came to bid his goodbye. Sai also comes there and declares that someone else will say goodbye to him. She calls the police officers to come inside, while everyone gets confused seeing them.

The police reveals that they came to arrest Pakhi and states that Sai filed a complaint against her. Bhavani and Ninad scolds Sai for troubling Pakhi and ask her to take the complaint back, but the latter denies. Virat also tries to make Sai understand but she stays firm on her decision.

Ahead, Sai tells that Pakhi betrayed them and notify everyone about the wrong doings of Pakhi. She says that the latter first manipulates Geeta and also conducted an attack of Sai, so that she won’t be able to reach on time. She declares that Pakhi has stooped low to get the baby, while everyone gets shocked.

Virat confronts Pakhi while she denies all the allegations. At that time the police officers said that Geeta has already given her statement against Pakhi and the goons were also got caught, who have given statement against her. Pakhi gets shocked while Bhavani gets furious at her and proclaims that they never knew Pakhi was so cunning. Everyone lashes out at Pakhi and rebukes her.

Further, Pakhi says that she did everything to get Virat. All looks at her with shame, while she starts crying and insists them not to snatch Vinayak from her, but Shivani takes him inside. Bhavani scolds Pakhi but states that they can’t let her go inside the jail, orelse it will ruin their reputation, but Virat stands against her decision and ask the police officers to arrest Pakhi. He declares that she should get the punishment for her crimes.

Precap:- Chavans searches for Sai but couldn’t able to find her. They all gets worried and states that she isn’t anywhere inside the house. Ashwini tels that even the baby is missing. At that time Mohit comes there and notify that someone has seen Sai along with the baby going inside the bus. Whereas, at that time Virat gets a call the the bus had an accident. He gets shocked and worries about Sai.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th August 2022 Written Update: Virat gives Vinayak to Pakhi