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It is not necessary all the time that everything is really good if it ends well. At least that is the story of Kajal and her fate right now. Till now the audiences must have thought that once Neil and Kajal will be together, things will be fine for them and everyone else. However it doesn’t apply to everyone who really deserves happiness, sometimes your luck is very harsh and merciless on you irrespective of whatever you have gone through. Kajal who used to live in Uttarakhand with her mother came to Delhi with her husband, Neil with a hope of having a better and happier life thereafter. However, right now looking at the situation it is clear that Kajal is not getting her happily ever after.

As per the current track of the show, Neil will be back to Delhi with Kajal from her village in Uttarakhand after taking blessings from Satya and Pallavi. Neil on the other hand promised them and Kajal that he will be by her side in every possible way no matter what. On the other hand, Bhoomi is hell bent to make Dhruv leave his house as Pari leaves in their house and Bhoomi is unable to adjust among them and she is not willing to try as well. Kajal arrived at Delhi with Neil and she is happy to be with him. Neil on the other hand wants to say something to Kajal but he couldn’t speak about it.

Now in the upcoming episodes of the show Kajal will receive the biggest shock of her life when she comes to know, Neil has a girlfriend, not only that he loves her and wants to stay for his entire life with her. Kajal will be heartbroken to know whatever Neil did, it was only because he wants to help her as a favour and not out of his love for her. Now what will Neil do with Kajal? Will Kajal be able to take this blow and emerge as a winner ?
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