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The episode starts with Akshat as Diljit promising Ganga to stand in front of her as a shield and never leave her side. He forwards a hand towards Ganga. Guddan thinks that Akshat as Diljit has to win Ganga’s trust as this is the only way they have to reach Choti.

Flashback starts. Guddan tells Akshat that only Diljit Singh Dhillon can win Ganga’s trust. She says that maybe he didn’t notice that Ganga changes completely in front of Diljit. She asks Akshat to believe in her and she knows it isn’t easy but this is the last option she has to bring back Choti. She requests Akshat to do it for their daughter. Flashback ends.

Ganga doesn’t hold Diljit’s hand so he takes it back saying that he understands that friendship with a stranger man can feel wrong for her. He is about to leave when Avinash says that he will take him downstairs but Diljit replies that there is no need since he knows the way to his house.

Diljit walks away but, before he leaves, Ganga asks him not to leave. She thinks that her husband left him but now Diljit will become her new friend who will stand with her and share her pain. Ganga declares in front of everyone that she doesn’t give a damn about her old husband and the rest of world and accepts Diljit’s friendship.

Guddan notices that Akshat’s fake beard is getting removed. Ganga turns towards Diljit who is giving back to her and asks him to show his face. She walks towards him and puts a hand on her shoulder but just then Guddan comes and slightly pushes her away cupping Akshat’s face with her hands. She fixes his beard.

Ganga gets enraged and asks her how she dared touching Diljit. She is about to slap Guddan but Diljit holds her hand and stands in front of her saying that he was in pain, but she felt it and this is what true friendship is. Ganga smiles and asks Guddan to be thankful to Diljit for saving him.

Guddan apologizes and says that she did it just because there was a bug on his beard, but she is still sorry. Diljit says it’s ok. Ganga says that thankfully nothing happened to him and touches his cheek but Diljit says that he is fine and thanks Guddan. He says that he should leave but Ganga stops him saying that he should let her do his bandaging and take rest as well. She asks him to go to her room. Diljit goes there.

Ganga asks Guddan to bring prasad for Diljit in her room and warns her not to do anything wrong otherwise she won’t spare her daughter. She asks her to come with calm, no hurry. Ganga is about to slip but Avinash holds her. He says that she should be careful since not only her steps but also her heart is slipping.

 Ganga taunts him and says that she got someone else’s support now. She leaves. Guddan feels sorry for Avinash who has to go through so much pain for her plan but she has no other option to reach Choti. She thinks that she needs to talk with Akshat before Ganga reaches her room.

Akshat as Diljit is in Ganga’s room. Suddenly a cup attached to a wire drops in the room. He grabs it and hears Guddan’s voice. He goes near the window and sees her standing under it with the other side of the wire which has another cup attached to it, through which Guddan is talking to him.

Guddan apologizes for what she did in the hall but it was necessary otherwise their plan would have failed. Akshat says that whatever she does has a strong reason behind it and today the reason is Choti. He says that he will end this drama once they find Choti. Guddan sobs and says that she had to walk this difficult path for their daughter.

Akshat assures her that she isn’t alone. Guddan cries saying that now she is only waiting to touch her Choti and requests him to find Choti’s location as soon as possible from Ganga.

Ganga comes there. Guddan hides immediately. Ganga holds the cup he had in her hands and asks what it is. Diljit replies that he was wondering the same as it seems like a little kid’s toy. Ganga asks to leave all this and come to talk about elderly things. She throws the cup away. Guddan grabs it and walks away.

Ganga shuts the door and asks Diljit to sit on bed next to her while she will do his bandaging. Akshat/Diljit sits near her and she holds his arm applying ointment and singing “Baahon mein chale aa”. Diljit asks her who lives in the house.

 Ganga says that he has already met the important members. Diljit asks about the baby girl since he came to know from neighbours that there is a little baby here and he is very fond of children so he would like to click picture with her.

Ganga stands up and says that there is such a gorgeous baby girl in front of him and asks if he doesn’t like her. Diljit says that she is her most special friend. Ganga sits next to her and asks him if he is married. Before Diljit can answer, someone knocks at door.

Diljit goes to open the door. Guddan is standing there holding a tray. She says that Ganga sent prasad for him. Ganga asks her to leave it in the room and the go away immediately. Guddan walks to her and says that she is doing whatever she wants only because of her daughter.

Diljit asks what she means with that. Ganga warns her not to make a mess. Guddan says that she wants her daughter back. Ganga refuses to give her daughter back and asks her to get out of room. She drags her out and shuts the door.

Ganga makes excuse in front of Diljit saying that Guddan is an heroine and has some mental problems. She asks her to ignore her. Diljit opens the door and asks her to follow him since he needs to talk with her heart to heart. He walks away. Ganga giggles excited.

On the other hand, Guddan sits surrounded by Choti’s toys and looks at her photo frame. She asks Choti not to worry as her parents will reach her soon. She promises that.

Episode ends