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In Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega earlier its seen Badi and Choti guddan are unhappy with each other’s decisions due to their different opinions. Recently Agastya took a tough decision to send Pushpa in jail. Choti is unaware of Pushpa’s true colors she gets her released and Badi Guddan even after trying so hard, fails to convince choti. Badi scolds choti and says Pushpa is a manipulator. She can’t change herself. She is fooling her own son. Pushpa can harm Agastya and Choti’s child as well. So she needs to get proper punishment. Even after listening all this Choti doesn’t change her decision. Badi Guddan says you’ll realise one day for sure like I realised after losing my husband. I will pray that you stay safe always.

In the upcoming episodes we’ll see Agastya will come to Choti and Pushpa will also be there. She shows fake tears. Agastya says I support my mother in law Badi Guddan. Choti did absolutely wrong. Choti also replies that she can’t see her mother in law in jail. That’s why she had to do it. Agastya and Choti hold each other’s hand. Choti and Agastya get emotional but they don’t say anything.

Will this decision of Choti guddan cause trouble to her married life? Will she understand that Agastya and her mother did the right thing?

What’s going on in Pushpa’s head?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next keep watching the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and stay tuned to this space.