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In the last episode, viewers saw the whole Gupta family tensed about their Shop and Alok being arrested. Where on side Ganga was trying to calm and handle Shiv, Veeru was feeling sorry for his blunder. Aditi initially got angry seeing Ganga calming Shiv but later on broke down in front of them.

Now in the upcoming episode, Alok will get released from prison. Jaya will reach the police station with fraud Ram Prasad Mishra and hand him over to the police, Veeru will get angry on Ram Prasad and will start beating him. Shiv will stop him from indulging in a big fight. Everyone will ask Jaya how and where did she find Ram Prasad and she will narrate the whole incident and reveal her doubt on Bansal Ji (Aditi’s father). Gupta Family will praise and thank Jaya for her big help. They will also get tensed seeing wound marks on Jaya’s arms and will care for her. Alok’s worry and care for Jaya will make Aditi jealous but she will choose to remain calm considering the situation at the police station.

The police officers will ensure everyone that they will reach the real culprit soon. Guptas will go back to their home where Aditi and Jaya will once again indulge in a verbal fight with each other. Amba kaki (Jaya’s mother) will get scared knowing about Ram Prasad Mishra getting caught. She will visit the Guptas to know if they got any clue on the real culprit not and enjoy seeing Jaya and Aditi fight. She will stop them, apply ointment on Jaya’s wounds and shock everyone favoring Aditi. Guptas will get a phone call from police station informing Shiv about the real culprit. Shiv will inform family that some old enemy from Mirzapur is the real culprit.  Aditi will get angry hearing this and then breakdown on receiving her father’s call. Bansal Ji will try to apologize to Aditi but she will refuse to talk to him making him hate guptas more than before. After all this drama, Ganga and Shiv will pacify Aditi and take promise from their family that they will never doubt each other and their relations and also will never let anyone break their family.

In further episodes, viewers will get to see that Amba Kaki will get attacked, Shiv and Ganga will run hearing her scream. They will get shocked seeing Amba lying on road adjoining their house. Amba will be seen very ill. She will be seen having some urine problems and will urinate on floor as Aditi will not let her in bathroom being busy inside. Ganga will take of her and everyone will look at Aditi with an angry look when she will get out of the bathroom finishing her work.

By looking at Shiv’s suspicious reaction when he got to know about the real culprit, it seems he knows about Amba Kaki’s deed and lied to save his family from breaking.

Is this some other plan of Amba Kaki to make Aditi look bad in Gupta family’s eyes? Or is she really ill? Will Ganga and Shiv be able to save their family from enemies like Bansal Ji and Amba Kaki?