Harshad Chopda is not only a great and popular actor, but he one of the most humblest actor that Indian Television industry has ever seen. We don’t know the reasons of his personal life but yesterday late evening he did show his gratitude to his fans who advice him to travel and meet people. 

He says on insta, “Everyone who ever told travelling will change me was Right! A big thank you to everyone for being so kind. Every smile every wave of the hand every hug every handshake has changed me forever.
Thank you ?????.”


He tweeted too, with the same message and picture. 

Harshad is always generous towards his fans. Earlier, this month on his trip to Thailand, he is seen enjoying with his fans and busy in doing hand shakes.  Fans went bananas just to have a glance with him. 

If the actor is so humble, so does his fans. Fan’s are no less in shower their love to him. Some tweets: 










Harshad was last seen in Bepanaah opposite Jennifer Winget. Later, even if the show has closed down, JenShad still want them to see them together. In our recent poles the fans have them winner with more than 5 lakhs of votes. 

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