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Kaku happily announces that Murthy family are coming for Chinu’s rishta. Rohan and Hassu hug each other.

Meenu cries and accuses Chinu for trying to steal Rohan. Murthy comes and says Rohan was never hers. He talks to Meenu and asks her put her hand on heart and think if she really loves Rohan. She is doing this with a feeling of competition and his upbringing lacked something. He emotionally says he can’t loose any of his daughters. Meenu hugs him and agrees for Chinu and Rohan’s marriage.

Kaku selects a Saree for Chinu, Hassu says its very old fashioned and Chinu won’t like. Kaku says she knows Chinu’s taste and she will love it. Kaku tells Hassu to take a paper and write god name first, she tells him list of things needed for engagement. Rohan sees them amusedly and Hassu teases him. Rohan asks if there’s any work for him to do. Hassu says it times of marriage its better to take orders from ladies. Three spend quality time.

Murthy, Vasu, Chinu start for Rohan’s home. Chinu gets a call and she tells them to go, she got an important work, she will come after 15 mins.

Murthy, Vasu greet Kaku, Hassu. Murthy apologizes to all of them. They start ritual and Vasu is about to put tilak on Rohan’s face. Chinu comes and stops them. Kaku asks Chinu to sit beside Rohan. Chinu says she doesn’t want to marry Rohan. Everyone get shocked. Kaku says Meenu and her father agreed, so what’s the problem now. Chinu says she is going abroad and will settle there. She leaves. Vasu, Murthy apologize and leave.

Kaku tells Rohan not to worry, she and Hassu will go and talk to Chinu, will make her understand. Rohan says no, he will go to Chinu. He says they supported him in every stage of his life, he wants their blessings always. He knows Chinu very well, she is not the one who changes her decision suddenly, she is hiding something or may be she didn’t forgive him completely. He will find the reason and marry Chinu.

Chinu sees her reports and cries, she remembers talking to Doctor, her reports are fine and she is fit to travel. Doctor asks if she had miscarriage, Chinu says yes she met with an accident. Doctor says its not related to traveling, but accident affected her system badly and she may never be able to conceive again. Chinu cries badly, she doesn’t want to marry Rohan as she can’t become mother.

Precap: Chinu packed luggage to go to Paris, Meenu hugs her bidding bye. Rohan comes there.