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The Episode starts with Ahaan arguing with Savitri. She asks him to stop it, let her just speak. She says until you don’t change yourself, nothing will get fine, you still have the chance, rectify your mistakes, I felt you are my son, you won’t do this mistake, now I feel you are just your Dadi’s grandson. She shuts the door. Radhika calls Ahaan. Ahaan says I m not interested to talk about Riya. She says come home and meet me, else you will be responsible for what I do. Ahaan comes to meet Radhika. Radhika says you will take the baby’s responsibility without the paternity test. Ahaan says I will take the responsibility but the test will happen. Riya asks how can you be so innocent, lies also become truth when its repeated. Ahaan asks what do you want to say. Radhika asks Riya to go. Riya says I am not comfortable to get this test done, try to understand the reason, Ahaan, I m pregnant, but this baby isn’t yours. Sarla gets shocked. Ahaan looks at Riya.

Riya says I was lying, nothing happened between us, mom made this plan that she will get me married to you forcibly. He asks how could you cheat me. She says we were together since two years, you cheated me, you didn’t stay with me, you fell for Ishqi, you promised that you will marry me and dumped me, no one thought of my feelings, I feel lonely, I did this mistake and got pregnant, I was scared and lied, you want to know why I m doing this, for my baby’s sake, I can’t give him such a family where he doesn’t get love, I can’t give him such a dad who doesn’t know difference between truth and lie, who couldn’t take a stand for his wife, you love Ishqi and threw her out of your life, I don’t want to marry a person like you, you are free from my side, you didn’t do right with me, at least don’t do wrong with Ishqi, understand the difference between truth and lie, I can’t explain you more, so go and make it right. Ahaan leaves.

He thinks of her words. He gets Kartik’s call. Kartik asks him to come home fast, Sonu is ill. Ahaan comes home. He asks what happened to you Sonu. Doctor checks Sonu. She says Sonu is fine, its a good news, she is pregnant. Everyone smiles happily. Dadi wards off the bad sight from Sonu. Ahaan sees Dadi’s phone ringing. He answers. He says Dadi is busy, tell me if there is any message. Doctor says no, I will call later. Ahaan checks the number. He says I was getting calls from this number, whose number is it. Kartik feeds him sweets. Ahaan says come out, I have some work. Kartik asks what happened. Ahaan asks him to call the number and find out who is it. Kartik calls and puts on speaker. He worries hearing about mental asylum. Ahaan says its the same mental asylum where Dadi donates money, doctor called Dadi and didn’t talk to me, someone called me also and said its credit card company. Dadi thinks why did doctor call and who answered the call. She calls the doctor. He says your grandson answered, I disconnected, don’t worry, he didn’t find anything, what to do next. She says fine, I will come and tell you. Ahaan says Ishqi can’t do this for money, she isn’t a gold digger. Kartik says true, why is her Maasi saying this. Ahaan says we will get answers in the mental asylum. Kartik says you think Ishqi is there. Ahaan says I wish it doesn’t happen, else I won’t leave that man, I swear. Kartik asks shall we ask Dadi. Ahaan says no, once everyone sleeps, we will go.

Its night, Kartik says everyone slept, come. Ahaan and Kartik leave. Dadi also leaves. Ahaan doesn’t see her. He says I felt I saw someone. Kartik says lets go. Ahaan says thanks, you and Sonu always support me, I will need you today. Kartik says trust me, I m with you. Doctor asks the staff to follow his orders, else he will get them fired. Staff refuses to kill someone. Dadi comes and says no one can leave without doing the work. She threatens them. Doctor says Ishqi can die by this dose. Dadi says I can kill her. Doctor asks nurse to make the dose ready. Ahaan and Kartik come to the mental asylum. Ahaan asks for patient named Ishqi. The man says let me check. Ahaan says patient records should be here, why did he go inside. Kartik says you think Ishqi would be here. Ahaan says don’t know. Dadi says I will give her the injection. The man comes and says two guys has come and asking for Ishqi. Dadi worries. Doctor says tell them that there is no such patient. The man says there is no patient named Ishqi. Kartik says check again. Ahaan says thanks anyway, sorry to disturb. Kartik says Ishqi’s life is in danger. Ahaan takes him aside. They run inside. They get disguised as doctors. Dadi says I know my grandsons, they won’t go so easily, it means we have to kill her soon. Ahaan and Kartik check all the rooms.

Episode ends.

Ahaan takes Ishqi with him. He beats the doctor. He asks on whose saying did you do this. Doctor shows Dadi and says on her saying. Ahaan and Kartik get shocked.

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