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Today’s episode starts with Daadi saying to Riddhima that she wants to apologize her. She says she promised to give happiness to her on her birthday. Riddhima asks Daadi not to be sorry. Daadi asks Riddhima to have dinner. Daadi about to leave. Riddhima asks Daadi if she will tell about one date. Riddhima asks Daadi about 8th December 2017. Daadi recalls a flashback and tell to Riddhima that on that day Vansh was shot and he got on his back. Riddhima recalls and says Vansh don’t have any mark on his back. She adds Daadi’s revelation twisted the truth more. In the meantime, someone fills balloon will soft drink and throws it outside Riddhima’s room. Riddhima sees the balloon.

Riddhima goes to check the balloon. She finds the note on the balloon that reads, he will fulfil his promise to reveal the truth of 8th December. Riddhima reads further, to know the secret of the date she has to get ready and come to the place mentioned. Riddhima decides to visit Vihaan as per the promise. She says he is promising to reveal the secret than she should visit him. Riddhima gets ready and hides a knife too with her. She calls out for Vihaan. Vihaan comes from behind and blindfolds Riddhima. Riddhima about to attack Vihaan with knife and he holds Riddhima’s hand. Vihaan open Riddhima’s hair and asks her what she recalled her when he did the same. Riddhima takes Vansh’s name. Riddhima asks Vihaan to open her eyes. Vihaan feed Riddhima a sweet and asks her whom she recalled now. Riddhima takes Vansh’s name. Lastly, Vihaan spray perfume and asks the same. Riddhima takes Vansh’s name. Riddhima says she does not understand anything. Vihaan says he does the work which none understand.

Further, Vihaan takes Riddhima and make her wear jewellery. Riddhima asks Vihaan to open her blindfold. Vihaan opens her blindfold. Riddhima stands stunned seeing the arrangement. She asks Vihaan to reveal the secret. Vihaan reveals a big secret to Riddhima and tells him that he was Vansh’s body double. He tells to her that whenever Vansh feel the danger he present him as Vansh in front of everyone. He adds they both were so similar that none figures out who is real and fake. Riddhima stands shocked hearing Vihaan. She thinks to check whether Vihaan has bullet mark on his back or not as per Daadi. Riddhima looks for a way to make Vihaan remove his shirt.

Later, Vihaan plays the music and dance with Riddhima. He makes her touch his face. Riddhima recalls her moments with Vansh. Vihaan about to kiss Riddhima. Riddhima stops him. She thinks she is not getting a chance to check the bullet mark. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Riddhima tricks Vihaan to check the bullet mark and stands stunned seeing his back.