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The episode starts with Anubhav is explaining the presentation while Akruti admires him. Anubhav calls out her name and questions her about the theory. Akruti says that he is always right. Anubhav takes a deep breath and about to continue the presentation but Gungun enters the place. She tells Anubhav that she wants to talk to him. Anubhav says that he is busy now also he dont want to talk to her. Gungun mocks him by asking him is he a CM or PM then tells that she wants to talk to him right away.

Anubhav’s colleagues talks to themselves about the humiliation Anubhav and his family went through because of Gungun. Maya asks Gungun to be in her limits and says that she is interrupting their presentation. Gungun asks her not to interrupt her conversation with Anubhav. They both gets into an argument.

Anubhav asks them to shut up and tells his colleagues that he will be back in few minutes and leaves the place with Gungun which angers Akruti. Once outside Anubhav asks Gungun the reason for her visit. He also tells her that he wont forgive her if she is here to apologises to him. Gungun taunts saying he is not a Justin Bieber that she need to beg him to marry her and accept her apology to reconcile her relationship with him. She tells that she is happy finally their marriage get cancelled. Anubhav tells that he is more than happy. Gungun questions why he is not smiling then also mocks him for never smiling.

Akruti and other colleagues of Anubhav comes out and overhears the conversation of Anubhav and Gungun. Gungun tells Anubhav that she is throwing a breakup party for their marriage get cancelled so asks him to be a part of it. Anubhav’s colleagues laugh hearing this. Anubhav tells Gungun that he never thought she can stoop this low and says he is not interested in any of her party. Gungun threatens to call him multiple times also send him message an entire day.

Anubhav says that he will block her number to which Gungun says she will use her guards number. She then tells if he dont come to this breakup party then she will curse him that he find fly in his tea or hair in his food or else his specs to break. Akruti comes there and tells Anubhav that she wants to talk to Gungun alone and takes her away from Anubhav.

Akruti says to Gungun that she understands her state that she is in mental trauma because the marriage get cancelled but the result was because of what they did to the Kulshreshth’s. She also tells that this is not a right way to talk and create scene in Anubhav’s work place.

Gungun asks Akruti to not to act too nice. Anubhav watches them both from far. Akruti tells Gungun that she is worried about Anubhav only so asks her to stay away from him and not to bother him. Gungun asks Akruti is she is Anubhav’s personal assistant because its Anubhav who has to decide but instead of that she is here and saying all this and asks her to inform Anubhav to be in the party at sharp 8PM she will message him the venue address. She then asks her to move away but Akruti stands there so Gungun walks away pushing her slightly.

Akruti acts like falling down hardly and screams. Anubhav and his colleagues help her stand up and asks what happened. Akruti accuses Gungun for pushing her down. Anubhav watches Gungun’s retreating back and gets furious. He thinks to himself that he needs to go to her party to teach a lesson. Charu calls Akruti’s father Shankar and introduces himself.

Shankar gets surprised but greets him. Goli comes there from her work and Sunanda Sargam and Chandru tells her that Charu is talking to Shankar. Charu gets surprised with Shankar’s response and asks him how he knows him. Shankar tells that Akruti always talked about them. Charu praises Shankar for Akruti’s well cultured behavior and giving her good upbringing. Shankar says that all he did is fulfilled his duties as a father.

Charu praises Akruti and tells Shankar that Akruti stayed the night in their house and they likes her so much so he called him to tell that they want Akruti to be their daughter in law making Shankar happy. He also says both Anubhav and Akruti also working together so they both understand one another so he and his family thinks Akrutii is Anubhav’s suitable match. Shankar tells that he is the luckiest person and agrees to the marriage and tells Charu that Akruti loves Anubhav so she will never say no. He wanted to contact them but learnt Anubhav’s Anubhav’s marriage get fixed so didn’t contact.

Charu tells that the wedding is called off also tells Shankar the marriage will take place in few days and asks Shankar to not to worry when Shankar worries about the marriage arrangements. Charu informs his family members that Shankar agreed and they all gets happy. Goli says if they didnt went through what happened with them in the party then they may not have met Akruti. Everyone agrees with her.

Anubhav asks Akruti how is her wound now. Akruti says she is better and asks him about where is he going. Anubhav tells that he has some important work to which Akruti says she knows he is going to meet Gungun. Anubhav says that he is meeting her to teach her a lesson making Akruti happy.

Gungun is waiting for Anubhav and instructs the waiter to play a break up song saying she is celebrating her break up. Akruti receives a call from Shankar who tells her Charu’s proposal which makes Akruti happy. She then gets shocked and confesses her love for Anubhav when Shankar lies to her that he said no to their proposal. He laughs and tells her that he agreed to their proposal also tells her the marriage is taking place in a few days. Akruti says that they have to invite Garima also because Kulshreshth’s values the rituals. Shankar asks Akruti to talk to Garima as he is not interested in doing this.

Akruti agrees. Anubhav enters the restaurant and looks for Gungun. Gungun tells him that he is late also says they met arguing now they are parting ways now also they are arguing. Anubhav shouts at her making everyone in the restaurant to look at her. He calls her spolit brat and orders her to sit. Gungun feels humiliated and takes her seat. Anubhav folds his hand and tells that he dont want her in his life anymore so asks her to never try to come into his life shocking Gungun.

Precap: Anubhav accuses Gungun for breaking his and his family members trust. Gungun pleads with Anubhav but the latter gives her back the engagement ring and tells that she wanted to part ways after a year of their marriage but it happened now which is best for the both of them and walks away from there leaving a crying Gungun behind him.

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