The episode begins with the taxi halts in a vacant area. Sonakshi, YK, and Rohan come out of the car when the driver says that I dropped him here only.

Rohan argues that here I can see only one room are you trying to fool us? Sonakshi says that she knows this place as she came here earlier also for a sequence shoot. YK gets shocked and asks this place? Sonakshi says yes in my show my grandmother got kidnapped and the sequence of the kidnapping was shot here. YK asks why grandmother is she that important? Sonakshi says currently e we need to rescue Rohit that is more important.

Rohan says we should inform police when Sonakshi says she has already message them about the development and also send them the location. YK says he will wait for you to attend the police while she and Rohan should go inside. Sonakshi tells Rohan that there is a door in the back of this building and we should go inside from that. Inside the house, Rohit is lying on the floor injured as all are beating him brutally, Mhatre and his brother besides that before going out there will kill him and the helpers of them will dump his body somewhere.

Nikhil is about to shoot Rohit when Rohan comes from behind and takes Mhatre in confidence. Rohan asks Mhatre to instruct his men to live Rohit or else he will shoot him. Mhatre asks all his men not to do anything while he notices Sonakshi besides. He calls for some other man but Rohan says ask them to back off and Sonakshi goes to rescue Rohit. She unties his hand and makes him sit on the floor while he is resting his head on her body. Mhatre fires on them but Sonakshi saves Rohit and the bullet misses her. Mhatre again tries to fire at them when police appeared at that place. They all start to fire with the people of Mhatre. Rohit and Sonakshi somehow escape from the place whereas YK and Rohan are still stuck there. The police officials inform them to go out of the place while they worry for Rohan and YK.

Rohit and Sonakshi are running on the road while the goons are chasing them. to save from them Rohit and Sonakshi get in a track without checking. Sonakshi suddenly realise that the temperature inside the track is comparatively low rather than outside. Rohit goes to check and locates an AC inside the track, Rohit finally identifies it to be cold storage but by then it’s too late as the driver already close the door of the truck and starts the vehicle. Rohit remembers the words of Mhatre and looks at Sonakshi with admiring eyes. Sonakshi tries to reach out to the driver of the vehicle to stop the car as the temperature inside is getting excessively low for them to tolerate.

Rohit asks her to come down as they are helpless until the truck stops. Sonakshi schools Rohit for being so careless and asks what do you think of yourself? Are you a hero of a hit TV show who is a good fighter along with being a good doctor? They are firing there what if something happens to you? At least you could have informed me once before going behind Mhatre.

Rohit even if you don’t tell me about Mhatre is blackmailing you regarding the matter of Pooja. Sonakshi gets silent to know that Rohit is also aware of the truth. delete the truck jerks a little and Sonakshi stumbles while Rohit holes are and both of them falls on the floor and skits. They both sit together and tries to the mom of each other when Rohit asks her again why did you hide this matter for me? It is not your TV serial, this much concern, commitment, ardent love all this looks good in poetry not in real life. Who does all these in today’s world? Sonakshi says you do, you do love Raima truly. Rohit says how from where the topic of Rama is coming here? I am talking about you. Sonakshi says how much you know about me? You only know that I started working at the age of 12 but do you know what kind of people I have worked some of them were good and some of them are bad and some are really worst type of people.

That day when that incident took place with Pooja I can relate it with myself. I can see myself at her place. I have gone through this, this helplessness humiliation and I was unable to do anything because I have a responsibility for my family, I have to earn money for a living. so when does incident took place with Puja I have decided that she will not go through this and that is why whatever I can in my power to protect her I just did that? Rohit says if throughout my life I thank you every day then also it will be less in front of what you did for Pooja. She is very special to us, anything happens to none of us can tolerate that we always take care of her and never made her feel that she is adopted. Sonakshi says she will never get to know that she is adopted, she is very lovable and very special and now even more.

On the other hand, Suman is performing the aarti at Sonakshi’s house. She gets emotional for Sonakshi as still don’t have any clue about Sonakshi and Rohit location. Rohan informs them that Police is trying their best to trust them and asks Suman to not get hyper as Rohit is with her. Rohit and Sonakshi here try to comfort each other when Rohit pulls her leg and says I forgot you are goddess Parvati who can tolerate anything and why don’t you use your powers and increase the temperature inside the Van.

Sonakshi asks him not to start his rant against her show at least here. Rohit takes Sonakshi in his embrace and tries to warm her up. He is continuously asking her not to get sleep and keep on breathing. Sonakshi is getting panicked due to the excessive cold and she is clinging to Rohit as much as possible. The driver of the truck gets dizzy as he is feeling sleepy. While Rohit and Sonakshi are struggling to survive inside.

Precap – The truck hits a tree and Rohit gets out of the truck. Sonakshi says she is not able to remember how she reaches there?



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