Star Bharat popular show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is heading towards a very critical angle. Where the lead characters are engaging in a love triangle. The show started with Kainaat alliance is being fixed with Zaroon but Zaroon falls in love with Saltanat thinking her as Kainaat.

Well as the show progresses towards we came to know that even if Zaroon denied to marry Kainaat, Kainaat is not
ready to let go off him so easily. She said yes for the alliance of Saltanat and Zaroon but indirectly she is blackmailing Saltanat for not going ahead with her engagement with Zaroon. In the recent episodes, viewers of the show have seen that is Zaroon came to know about Hamza’s feeling for Kainaat. Hamza told Zaroon that from his childhood he loved only Kainaat and wants to marry her. Zaroon who wants Saltanat to accept his love but not able to do so cause he refused Kainaat thought this can be a perfect solution for the issue that has created in between their lives. On the other hand, Saltanat is trying to make Zaroon agree for the marriage with Kainaat by hook or crook. She wants Zaroon to accept and marry Kainaat even if he is not interested in her or love her.


In the last episode, we have seen Rubina and Zainab gave a Shaadi ka Jora to Kainaat for her engagement with Hamza. In tonight episode the regular audience of the show can see Kainaat will set the bridal dress on fire and mistakenly it will grab her dress too. This whole incident will attract the attention of the housemates of Shah Mahal and they all will gather in front of the kitchen. Later on, Zaroon will jump in the fire to save Kainaat. However, Kainaat who will be all scared and panicked to find herself in between the flames suddenly starts finding pleasure once she sees Zaroon is coming to save her. She will feel happy and took in another way this is something we cannot call normal at all, can we?

Now, all we have to see is where this madness of Kainaat take the lives of Zaroon, Saltanat, and Kainaat. To know more about your favorite show keep reading this space.



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