Star Plus is witnessing edge of the seat drama with Kartik and Naira setting stalls at the same exhibition.

Naira thinks to the person who speaks to Kairav. She says to Liza that she has send Kairav School because she wants to meet that fake Dad alone.

Meanwhile, Kartik senses Naira’s presence around. He turns to see but Dadi blocks his way. There, Liza tells Kartik’s features to Naira. Liza says that the due looks so handsome and asks her to see him once. Naira after hearing Liza thinks about kartik. She turns back to see Kartik but stops thinking she can’t distract herself. She decides to focus on her work.

Otherside, Kairav bumps into Dadi and says to her that she can here to kidnap him. Dadi says does she look thief to him. Kairav asks the people around to call the police. He runs to call Naira. Dadi too shouts for Kartik. Kartik comes and laughs. Dadi tells him that the kid looks innocent but he was naughty.

Further, will see a dramatic twist. In the upcoming episode Naira will see Kartik and will get shocked.

A fake bomb blast will frighten everyone at the exhibition venue. While running Naira will fall down and will spot Kartik but will unable to reach him. Naira will cry thinking about Kartik. She will recall her past. Here, Kairav will wait for his father. Later, Kartik will decide to meet kairav’s mother.

How Kartik and Naira will react meeting each other will be interesting to watch.

Do Kaira will reunite via Kairav this time or they have to wait a little more? Well, time will only tell. To know more keep watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, mon-fri on Star Plus.

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