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The episode starts with Lawyer asks Judge permission to question ACP Roshini regarding Karthik’s revelation. Judge gave him permission. Lawyer asks if she enquired about it as Karthik is confidently saying Mounitha is alive. Roshini says I enquired about it but they are saying fabricated stories and I submitted my detail report to court after enquiry. Judge says arguments are over and it’s proved that he killed the pregnant lady.

Deepa stops his judgement and than she introduces herself as Karthik’s wife than she request judge permission to get the important witness. Judge agrees. Deepa says it’s Mounitha and she asks her to come. Mounitha enters the court with Varanasi which shocks everyone. Constable about to hold her but Mounitha says she won’t run anywhere and she enters the witness stand. Soundarya, Anandrao and Aditya praises Deepa. Mounitha tells to court that Karthik is innocent. Judge asks why she didn’t comeout before and why she wasted the court time. Mounitha says it’s because of my love, I wish to get Karthik that’s why I created my death drama and propsed him to marry me to get released from jail but he didn’t agree and I came to surrender as I can’t witness Karthik getting punishment so forgive me for wasting everyone’s time.

Judge says police didn’t enquire properly before arresting good Doctor like Karthik that’s why we are warning police to never repeat it. Roshini apologize to court. Judge says Court is releasing Karthik as he is innocent and I’m ordering Police to take Mounitha in custody for further enquiry and court is appreciating Deepa efforts. Everyone claps for Deepa. Court session ends. Police takes Mounitha in their custody. Karthik happily hugs Deepa. Soundarya feels happy seeing her son and Daughter in law. Mounitha says don’t celebrate because my crime is not yet proved so I will get released very soon and will return to your life’s with my new born baby so get ready for it and she leaves after telling him that she loves her.

At station Roshini questions Mounitha what she achieved by her plan. Mounitha says I achieved half and it will complete once I get my Karthik. Roshini says you will get life time sentence for your crime. Mounitha says she will get released very soon if her love is true and she says she is  ready to accept her punishment too. Roshini says you’re talking cleverly but I’m seeing the pain of Karthik and his family. Mounitha says beat me but I can’t live without Karthik and I need him. Roshini asks Ratna to take Mounitha to lockup.

Sourya says one doubt from my side dad, mom told me that you’re irked in case where patient died because of your and Mounitha aunty operation but why didn’t police released Mounitha like you. Deepa says your Dad wants to forget the police station as bad dream so don’t remind it. Hima agrees. Sourya sats Mom escapes in this way when she don’t like to answer. Karthik asks them to sleep. Sourya asks when they have to leave far from their place like he said previously.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa says she is feeling pity at Mounitha somewhere. Karthik shouts at her to stopit. Mounitha asks Ratna to implement her plan.