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The episode starts with Sourya angrily goes to her room. Aditya asks who bought those posters. Shravya takes him to answer him. Karthik says you tell them lies to make them happy but lies will comeout but don’t feel sad as you didn’t do any crime.

Roshini asks Ratna that they have to take Mounitha to court. Ratna says she finished the formalities. Mounitha asks Roshini if she can travel in her vehicle. Roshini asks if she wants to trap her too than she denies to take her than Mounitha insists her to fulfill her last wish. Roshini warns her that she can’t escape than agrees for Mounitha wish.

Sourya tells to Hima that their Mom always lies to their Dad. Hima says you’re overreacting, Granny said they can’t reveal everything to kids that’s why our Mom may hide it. Sourya says she is the one who told us lying is wrong and our parents will go out so let’s see what lie they tell us. Karthik and Deepa comes to them and questions why they are sitting in stairs. Kids insists Karthik to play with them. Karthik tells them they are going out for work. Kids asks him to take them. Karthik says from here onwardt I will be available for you so allow us to go. Sourya says Mom never say in this way and she always lie to us. Soundarya scolds Sourya and questions why can’t she understand that theor Mom saved their from Police station. Hima hugs Deepa and Sourya hugs Karthik. Soundarya asks them to remember where they raised.

Karthik about to leave with Deepa but Sourya stops him and says she is feeling tensed whenever he is going out and police won’t arrest you right. Karthik tells her he is safe and won’t go anywhere leaving you so go and play with Deepu than they goes out. Hima says Mom didn’t lied to us. Sourya says she didn’t reveak truth too.

Mounitha thinks Deepa and her family will get shocked seeing me coming from Acp vehicle and she tells to Acp that she is her fan to coool her. Roshini says you’re clever criminal so don’t try to mislead me with your biscuits and my ego ended with your case so from now onwards I will work more sharply so don’t think I will drop you from the vehicle. Mounitha praises her love and questions what’s her opinion on her. Roshini says you’re animal in my view as youre filled with bad qualities so sit silently. Mounitha starts her crying drama. Roshini says stop crying as it’s like Ghost is crying and she scolds her for eyeing married man. Mounitha says noone is understanding her love. Roshini says don’t support yourself as youre insane. Mounitha says love is reason for this change in me as I loved the person who can’t understand my love. Roshini says write your autobiography than it will be like psycho story. Mounitha says she is going to bear jail life for loving the person immensely. Roshininsays shut your mouth otherwise I will make you walk on road by cuffing your hands.

At court Soundarya and Deepa, Karthik discusses how Mounitha going to act in court. That time Mounitha comes to court than she greets Soundarya as mom in law which makes Soundarya angry. Deepa stops her. Roshini says don’t do anything Soundarya garu as Mounitha going to get punished in a while. Mounitha says your faces are brighten up after listening it. Karthik says Deepa is my wife and our bond is strong that’s why you failed to separate us. Soundarya says they came to witnesses when she is getting punishment for her crimes. Roshini asks Mounitha to come inside. Deepa too warns her which makes Mounitha angry.

Episode ends.