In the latest episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay Amurag testifies before police that Mr.Bajaj intentionally tried to kill him. Prerna is disturbed listening to this and leaves. Mr.Bajaj agrees to co operate with them but asks for some time. He goes towards Prerna and tries to explain to her that Anurag is lying. Mr.Bajaj says he never tried to kill him purposely.

Prerna instead confronts Mr.Bajaj and says that she knew Anurag challenged him that he will take Prerna away from him and back in his life.
Mohini goes to the police and asks if they are working for Mr.Bajaj. Sharda defends and says Mohini is only jealous of Bajaj. Anurag on the other hand asks everyone to stay out of the matter. Sharda rather tells him she would never if Mr.Bajaj suffers. Mohini s angry and takes him to his room.

Mohini threatens Sharda with the pictures of Cookie’s birthday and reminds him that she has them where Sharda is cutting the rope hurting Mr. Bajaj. Sharda asks Mohini to take care of her belongings. Mohini gets angry at Sharda for deleting the pictures.

Mr.Bajaj tries to make Prerna understand that he did not tried to kill Anurag. But Prerna refuses to listen to him and says she won’t even hire any lawyer to get him released from jail.

Veena and Shivani come to meet Anurag. Shards tries to talk to them to support Mr.Bajaj since he is family. Veena says Anurag is their family member Mr.Bajaj has just recently entered their lives.

Prerna says to Mr.Bajaj that he wanted to take revenge from Anurag and thus decided to marry her forcefully but Bajaj tells her that he had some personal reasons why he entered Basu family. Cookie comes in and hugs Prerna. Cops take Mr.Bajaj to the police station.

Now in the upcoming episode, viewers will see that a guilt ridden Mr.Bajaj refuses to get out on bail while Sharda berates the Sharmas. Later, Anurag vows to find out the reason why Prerna married Mr.Bajaj.

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