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Episode begins with Anurag and Prerna hugging and crying. Prerna is surprised to see Anurag cry as she always thought Anurag did everything deliberately. Anurag tells her that now he understands why she always wanted to ignore him till now he thought it’s the revenge of a small betreyal but he never thought she is going through such a big pain alone. He says he really didn’t know, he asks for forgiveness. Then he remembers how he always imagined that he will meet his Sneha who is either in hostel or with Prerna, and when he meets her, he will make her say papa and then say sorry to both of them. Anurag cries and feels guilty. He feels sorry for not being able to protect his daughter, Sneha. They again hug each other. Then doctor come to give them updates about Kuki.


Here, in hospital room, Kaushik gets a call from Monu. He tells him about Kuki and coma. Monu says sorry that his love story ended without starting. Kaushik replies that no love didn’t end and it will never end. To this, Kuki wakes up. Nurse sees this and goes from there.


In a flashback it is shown that Kuki is fine and Doctor goes to inform Anurag and Prerna. Nurse asks Kuki if she should go and inform Kaushik, as he is very tensed. Kuki requests Nurse not to tell anything to Kaushik as she wants him to go out of her life. Kuki asks Nurse to tell him that she is in Coma. Nurse says but Doctor has gone to tell his mama ji that you are fine, he will definitely come to know. Kuki says, she feels Kaushik’s love is fake. In that little time she will know the truth. Nurse agrees.


In present, before Kaushik could turn and see Kuki, Prerna and Anurag come. Kaushik thinks he can’t inform them about coma so he leaves to find the nurse. After Kaushik leaves, Anurag and Prerna ask Kuki, how she is feeling. Prerna asks Kuki to come with her she will drop her home. Kuki says she will go with Akansha.


Here, Kaushik gets hold of the nurse and he requests her to inform Kuki’s mom about it as he can’t. Nurse is surprised and asks you still don’t know. Kaushik is clueless. Nurse says Kuki asked her to inform you that because she didn’t want you to follow her. Kaushik is surprised and goes from there. Nurse says wait, listen to the whole thing but Kaushik leaves. Nurse comes to Kuki. Anurag gets a call from Kaushik. Kuki asks him where is Kaushik, Anurag says he went home, I don’t know why. Here, Nurse hints Kuki that he knows that you are not in coma. Kuki thinks he got disheartened that I dont want him near me so he went. Anurag and Prerna leave.


Later on, Prerna goes to Asharam and finds out that Samedha is already adopted by someone. When she asks by whom, Chandrika is not telling her. Priyanka suggests Prerna to look in the register. Prerna takes it and Chandrika doesn’t let her so Priyanka pulls Chandrika and Prerna takes the register. Chandrika slaps Priyanka


Here at Bajaj mansion, Shivani is taking care of Kuki, while she is telling her the whole story about Kaushik. Kuki admits that she also loves Kaushik now. Anushka listens to this and says you never tell me first. They both celebrate it. While Shivani thinks how this love story reminds her of the greatest love story of such two people who now live separate. Anurag and Prerna’s love story.


Here at asharam, Prerna is shocked to see Komolika’s name as the person who adopted Kuki. By her expression, Priyanka says is it Komolika. Prerna says yes, but how do you know?  Priyanka lashes out at Chandrika for letting Prerna take Samedha. Prerna asks them what are they talking about. Priyanka tells the truth about Samedha how she is only her Sneha, just the name is changed. Prerna is overwhelmed.


Episode ends.


Precap – at Basu mansion, Samedha is introduced. Anurag interacts with Samedha. Nivedita explains Komolika how Samedha has to be returned as she is not our blood. To this Komolika reveals the truth that Samedha is Sneha and tells that Anurag shouldn’t know. Just then Anurag enters.