Krrur Singh is one of the most complicated manipulative wicked character : Chandan Anand 

Seasoned actor Chandan Anand whom we have seen in many shows is currently playing the character of Kroor Singh in Nikhil Sinha’s Chandrakanta.
Speaking on his reasons for taking up Kroor, Chandan tells,”I wouldn’t have done it if Nikhil Sinha was not involved in it. As I know that he can justify this character as it is already been so popular and earlier Akhilendra ji excelled through his acting talent. I wanted  to take this challenge, people already remember this character and now they will watch me and will judge my performance. I can create a new Krrur Singh with my mannerism and acting talent and hopefully  that can surprise audience.
Chandan also adds,”When I read the novel Chandrakanta by Devaki Nandan Khatri I got to know that Kroor Singh is one of the most interesting complicated manipulative shrewd and wicked character ever written in the history of literature.”
So now we know why Chandan took up the role of Kroor Singh.

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