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The episode starts with Saritha ji says I know Pragya that you don’t like to see Abhi with Meera. Pragya says habits will change because Im going to loose my rights and I’m noone to him. Saritha says everything is with you, I never saw lovely couple like you, save your love. Pragya says it’s already late. Saritha says Love is still same, tomorrow is Abhi Haldi stop it and save your love Love. Pragya looks on.

Mitali happily shows necklace to Raj that she got from her Mom in law and she says she is excited to get new Devrani. Dadi says your Devrani is just Pragya and how you guys forgot Abhi and Pragya love? That noone can separate them, you guys are mad and she leaves.

Purab in sleep reminsces his happy moments with Disha. Aliya about to hold his face but in sleep he says Disha and Aliya breaks Vase to make him won’t remember Disha even in his sleep. Purab wakesup. Aliya gives him good morning hug. Purab ignores her saying he need to ready. Aliya says I need to behave like wife to you but you’re making me to behave oddly. Purab says you’re administrator who can’t become wife.

Aryan happily meets his Dad and both shares happy hug. Aryan asks why he slept in this room whether he fought with Mom. Purab says no, I reached here suddenly and your Mom is already sleeping in night so I slept in this room. Aryan happily hugs them saying he is lucky to have understanding parents who loves eachother. Aryan goes out asking them to get ready. Aliya thinks I sent Disha out and now it’s your Pragya do turn.

Pragya and his family goes to Haldi ceremony. Raj tells to Aliya that he is here. Aliya says asks him to stay in library room because today we don’t need him here. Prachi tells to Shahana that seems like Rhea didn’t do anything to stop this marriage. Ranbir about to go near Prachi but she runs from him.

Abhi comes downstairs. Pragya gets emotional and reminsces Saritha ji words. Abhi asks Pragya to apply Haldi after Baljeet and Saritha ji because you’re one of the person who needs my happiness. Pragya agrees. Mitali says Abhi is changed hope Pragya won’t take revenge on us. Aliya stops her.

Baljeet and Saritha applies Haldi. Abhi asks if Saritha ji is angry. Saritha says I’m angry but what’s the need. Abhi calls Pragya. Pragya fells on Abhi while applying which makes her have Haldi on her face from Abhi cheek. Dadi and Saritha ji feels happy. Pragya goes. Abhi asks Aliya to apply Haldi and he goes behind Pragya.

Mitali applies Haldi to Meera and Meera feels burning sensation because of reaction and she goes from venue. Purab asks Vikram about Raj. Vikram says he is here. Raj meets someone and takes him to their place.

Ranbir stops Prachi and asks why are you running from me? Are you scared that I can read truth from your eyes that you love me. Prachi says understand that I love money not you. Ranbir says you forgot our promises and two engagements and he applies Haldi to Prachi hand and says he completed Haldi Rasam after their engagement and I’m gonna complete every Rasam. Prachi says don’t be childish. Ranbir says I’m not and I can sense your lies and I know you that you need good hearted person who accepts you with whole heart and I’m the one for you and seeing my love on you, you gonna confess that you lied to me and want to live with me.

Rhea sees them. Ranbir says you will feel that you gonna get everything in my love and he leaves after getting Aryan love. Rhea comes to Prachi and why didn’t she make their Dad stop Haldi. Rhea says I told you to stop marriage not Haldi but I’m doubting your intentions. Prachi asks Rhea to fulfill her promise. Rhea says I will but complete your promise. Prachi says she did and left. Ranbir about to goes behind Prachi but Rhea stops him and asks why he is behind her when she don’t need him. Ranbir asks her to not involve in his and Prachi matter. Rhea shouts how dare you. Abhi pins Pragya to wall. Pragya asks what he wants to do, your Haldi may applied to me again. Abhi makes her have his Haldi.