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Episode begins with Sherlyn assumes Mahira attempting suicide and drags her and tells her to not take this kind of decision. Ramona who came there says it’s enough and tells her to leave with her for their house. Mahira says Sherlyn misunderstood she was feeling suffocated there, that’s why she came here and says she won’t go anywhere and asks her to tell how to separate Karan and Preeta. She says they were lying till now that they hates each other and married for revenge but the belief they has for each other is unbelievable and she is sure that they loves each other.

Ramona says it was obvious from beginning it’s not easy to break the friendship so Mahira should give up now and says she will fail in her all attempts so let’s leave from this house. Mahira says she won’t give up and says if she has any suggestions then she can tell and says it’s her challenge that she will separate Karan and Preeta. Sherlyn asks how she will do that and says Rishab, Karan and Rakhi everyone is in Preeta’s side no one will support her. Mahira says she will do something so they stops supporting Preeta.

Rakhi enters Mahira’s room and wonders where she went. Preeta tells Karan to leave her. He realises their position and he leaves her suddenly and apologize to her saying so much would have happened between them. She asks what would have happened and realises what he meant and gets scared. He says few minutes before only she was claiming her rights on his bed,room and now what happened to her and teases her. She takes the remote and he blocks her in his arms.

She says let her set the temperature then there won’t be any fight between them. He tells her to return the remote otherwise something may happen which won’t be in her favor. She gives the remote to him and he starts to laugh at her and they hears Rakhi’s shout. Girish tells Rakhi that Mahira is in the terrace so he will bring her. Everyone comes downstairs and asks what happened, why she is shouting Mahira’s name.

 Rakhi tells Dadi that she is her daughter in law and Mahesh is in coma now if he was fine then he would have done the same thing which she is going to do now. She says so much happening in her son’s life and she can’t stay silent seeing everything that’s why she took this decision. Dadi asks about which decision she is talking now. Rakhi says Mahira should leave Luthra house and everyone shocks hearing her.

 Karan says Rakhi is right but she could have said this to Mahira alone too. Rishab says if Rakhi saying like this then there would be some reason and tells Karan to stay silent. Mahira comes there. Rakhi says now everyone is here and says she took this decision after thinking a lot. She apologize to Ramona and says they were friends from childhood that’s why she wanted Karan to marry Mahira but Mahira’s dream spoiled now and so much happened already.

Mahira says she need not to apologize and from now on Karan’s life will move according to Rakhi’s wish. Rakhi says she need to stop the storm which is happening inside Mahira’s heart and whatever one say but it’s an fact that Karan and Preeta are married now so Mahira should return to her house. In Arora house Janki tells Sarla that she got her memory back and remembers everything now.

Sarla asks who tried to kill her and gets hyper. Janki thinks she can’t tell the truth to her now and lies to her saying it was an accident only. Sarla denies to believe her. Ramona asks why everyone is silent now and tells Rishab and Karan to take stand for Mahira. Rakhi tells Mahira that she came here for her studies but she never saw her studying and she invested all her time to know about Karan and impress him. She says Mahira did wrong by wearing same saree like Preeta and whatever she did in front of the guests.

She raises her voice and asks what Sherlyn was doing till now instead of stopping Mahira. She then asks Ramona why she was silent when Mahira was doing wrong. Ramona says Mahira did nothing wrong because she came here for studies but this family only promised her that Karan’s marriage will happen with her and her daughter loves him. Rakhi says now the situation changed totally.


Episode ends.