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Episode begins with Shaurya argues with slum people. He asks them to return the key to him. He gets shocked seeing Rishabh and Karan there. He asks them to not involve in this matter. Slum people claims that Shaurya drived his jeep inside their house. They threatens to call the police. Shaurya scolds slum people. Karan tells Shaurya to stay silent. He asks slum people that what happened. Slum people complains about Shaurya to Karan. Shaurya tells them that they made mistake by building house on footpath.

Karan tells Shaurya that the latter made mistake by driving his jeep on footpath. He orders his son to apologize to them. Shaurya apologizes to slum people. Rishabh and Karan also apologizes to slum people. Shaurya leaves from there. Rishabh follows him and asks Shaurya to calm down. Shaurya tells him that Karan insulted him in front of everyone and he hate Karan.

After some time, Karan tells his staff to arrange house for slum people. Rishabh comes there. Karan tells him that he failed as a father. He says that he can win any deal, but he can’t handle Shaurya. And he should tell Nidhi to teach life lessons to Shaurya. Rishabh tells Karan that the latter was also like Shaurya in the past and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Preeta and Rajveer gets in the bus. Preeta tells Rajveer that she went to Mumbai in the past too for her physiotherapy training. And she don’t remember when Srishti got married. She tells him that she feels protected in his presence. She adds that she don’t care about anything when he is with her. He thinks that he is her son, that’s why she feels like that. He recalls the moments he shared with her ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). He also recalls that what Srishti told about Luthras. He thinks that he is going to Mumbai to take revenge on Karan. He tells her that he won’t return until he fulfills his dream. She blesses him.

Karan calls Nidhi and learns that Shaurya did not reach the house yet. He complains about Shaurya to her. Nidhi asks him that what happened. He tells her about Shaurya’s mistake. She tells him that she will talk to Shaurya and disconnects the call. She video calls Shaurya and asks him to avoid Karan until Karan gets busy with business. Shaurya tells her that he love her more than Preeta. And only Nidhi supports him always and disconnects the call. Rakhi overhears their conversation. She hope that Preeta returned to Luthra house.

Rajveer thinks that he can’t call Preeta as his mother due to Karan and he won’t forgive Karan for that. Meanwhile, Shaurya leaves for his farm house with his friends. He thinks that he hate Preeta and Karan.

Episode ends.