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Episode begins with police officer tells Karan that his team went to hospital to take Nidhi’s statement. He says that if Nidhi’s statement is against Karan then Karan will end up in jail. In the hospital, journalists gets ready to record Nidhi’s interview. Anshuman watches the breaking news. Daljeet tells Shanaya that she will cancel the marriage if Karan end up in jail then. She says that Shanaya’s life is more important for her than wealth. Shanaya tells Daljeet that she will marry Shaurya no matter what. Palki asks Daljeet to watch the interview first.

Rakhi hope Nidhi’s interview goes well because Karan’s release depends on this. Journalist asks Nidhi that why she decided to commit suicide. Nidhi recalls that how she fought with Karan. Police inspector asks Nidhi to not get scared and tell the truth. He asks Nidhi that who is responsible for her decision. Nidhi takes Karan’s name. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Nidhi says that Karan is not responsible for anything. Anshuman gets shocked hearing this. Nidhi says that she was taking anti-depression medicine. Doctor sends police and journalists from there.

Karan gets released and he reaches the hospital. He sees Preeta and tells thanks to her. Preeta tells him that Nidhi did everything. She says that she is glad Karan got released. Luthras comes there. Shaurya and Kavya tells thanks to Preeta for supporting them. Preeta tells them that she did nothing big and leaves from there.

Luthras meets Nidhi. Shaurya tells Nidhi that he was scared. Nidhi apologises to them for troubling them. Rakhi asks Nidhi to not apologise. Dadi tells thanks to Nidhi for giving statement in Karan’s favor. Daljeet and her daughters comes there. Shaurya asks about Nidhi’s discharge. Doctor tells them that they can take Nidhi home after two days.

After two days, Rakhi welcomes Nidhi. Karan takes Nidhi inside. Varun calls Kavya and asks about Nidhi’s discharge. Kavya tells him that Karan brought Nidhi home. He informs her that his mother is selecting jewels for marriage. She tells him that they should postpone the marriage because Nidhi is not fine and disconnects the call. Varun informs Roma that marriage date may get delayed. Roma gets angry after hearing this. Gautam asks her to calm down.

Karan calls Preeta and informs her that he brought Nidhi home. Preeta tells him that she will visit Nidhi. She lies to Rajveer that she is going to meet her friend. Varun asks Gautam about Roma. Gautam tells Varun that maybe Roma went to Luthra house. Preeta tells Nidhi that she brought fruits for her. Nidhi asks Preeta to not show fake concern. She coughs. Preeta goes to bring water.

Rakhi tells Preeta to not interfere in their family matters. Preeta goes to kitchen. Karan asks Rakhi that what is she saying. Rakhi tells him to not interfere in family matters and focus on office work only. Nidhi tells herself that everything is Karan’s mistake and Preeta did nothing wrong. Preeta comes there and gives water to Nidhi. Nidhi apologises to Preeta. Palki and Shanaya comes there. Karan also comes there.

Episode ends.