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The episode starts with Dhruv and Sonam talking through the video call. Milky and Sheetal come there. Milky takes the phone, but the call was disconnected. Milky asks what game he wants to play. Dhruv asks her to become monkey. Milky makes faces. Sheetal says she will become Monkey. She tells to Milky to do what Dhruv wants and leaves. Dhruv makes Milky dance like Monkey. She gets tired. As Dhruv keeps insisting her to play, she pinches him. Dhruv shouts in pain. Dhruv angrily makes her sit inside the wardrobe and closed it. Milky thinks it’s better way to get rid off him and takes some rest.

Sonam sneaks into Dhruv’s room through the window. Dhruv gets happy. She sees nails scratches on Dhruv’s hand. She applies ointment on it. Dhruv says she’s really good. He adds mom will be happy to meet her. He calls out amma. Sonam stops him. She says we can keep this secret as if anyone gets to know they will not let meet them. She reminds him the buddy promise Dhruv remembers it. He agrees.

Just then Nutan comes there. Sonam hides. Dhruv tells his mom he wants to play with the outside kids as everyone gets tired playing with him. Nutan says she will play with him. She takes out Dhruv’s childhood toys. She recalls how Dhruv used to play with it when he was kid. Shashikant comes there. Dhruv gets happy. He starts to play. Shashikant asks she’s till having Dhruv’s toys. Nutan says she tought to give to Dhruv’s children but Dhruv is again playing with the same toys. She cries. Shashikant consoles her.

Dhruv says he wants to play run and catch game. He starts running. Nutan gets tired. Sneha comes there with pizza. He takes two pieces. He gives one piece to Sonam hiding. Shashikant notices Sonam. He tries to divert Nutan in talk so that she doesn’t notice Sonam. Nutan gives medicine to Dhruv. He again asks her to him go out and play. When Nutan doesn’t agree, he runs away. Sonam also escapes through the window. Nutan finds the medicine on the couch. She worries how he will get well, if he doesn’t take medecine. She goes to check on Dhruv.

Milky asks to open the wardrobe. Dhruv opens the wardrobe. Nutan comes there. Milky complaints to Nutan he has locked her inside the wardrobe. Dhruv tells she has hurt him. Nutan scolds Milky. Nutan says she will not leave her if she disturbs her son. Sneha tells Nutan kids have come to meet Dhruv.

The kids apologize to Dhruv for calling him cheater. They call him to play. Dhruv asks Nutan if he can go. Nutan agrees. Dhruv happily goes with the kids. Nutan wonders how the kids suddenly changed. Sonam thanks the kids parents for understanding Dhruv’s condition. She assures them she will take care that the kids don’t get any problem.

The kids and Dhruv come there. Sonam thanks the kids for accepting her words and apologizing to Dhruv. She gives them chocolate. Nutan comes there. She notices Sonam. She takes Sonam away and berates her. She warns her before leaving. Shashikant watches everything.

Nutan phones Sonam’s dad. She tells Sonam has become poison for her son. She says she will not be responsible for whatever is going to happen with Sonam. Dhruv is sad that Sonam is not yet come. Shashikant tries to console him. Sonam comes there. They go to play. Sonam falls down. She gets hurt in her elbow.

Dhruv runs to get oitment for Sonam. Subhadra phones Shashikant. She requests him to make Sonam understand not to meet Dhruv. Pratap is angry and shouts at her. Shashikant says he understands their situation. She also should understand that Sonam is mature and we shouldn’t interfere in her decisions. He apologizes to her. Dhruv applies ointment om Sonam’s injury. Sheetal sees this. She takes their photo.

The episode ends.

Precap : Nutan, Sheetal and Milky go to meet a tantric. Nutan phones Sonam. She asks if she will listen to her in order to make Dhruv well. Sonam agrees.