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So the today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with Sonam and Ankita Bhabhi enters in kitchen to make tea for all. Bhabhi made the introduction of Sonam to all the ingredients of tea making.

Firstly, Sonam was nervous as she thought Bhabhi don’t know that she doesn’t know how to make tea. But later, Bhabhi clears Sonam doubt and said Dhruv already told me that you don’t know how to make tea, and starts tea making instead of Sonam.

Then Sonam tells that she knows making tea with tea bag but not like this, and reveals that she makes awesome noodles. Even, Dhruv also likes her hand made noodles, and after then Sonam and Bhabhi talks so much and became friends so Sonam said that now she will call Bhabhi as Bhabs.

Only then, Maa comes in the kitchen to see when will tea ready and as she saw Ankita in kitchen, she started questioning that why are you here Ankita? So to save Sonam, Bhabhi said lie that she stayed here only for talking with Sonam, and then goes withBy saying through gestures to Sonam that tea will be ready in 3-4 mins. But only then, Sonam sees 18 missed calls from her boutique so she instantly make call there. In hall, all people were waiting for tea eagerly, and Maa and Buaji was in doubt that does sonam really know how to make tea or not?

In kitchen Sonam sees that the tea is falling out from the pot. So immediately she tried to put out the tea pot from the gas but in all this Sonam hands get burned and tea falls on gas. And as all are suddenly listen the noice from kitchen get shocked. Then Sonam comes out and reveal all tea are wasted by falling on gas. Then Babuji said it’s ok and said Ankita to make tea but only then Maa said that she wants to drink only Sonam’ hands tea.

Then Dhruv sees the burning wounds on Sonam hands and said no to Sonam. Then Sonam feels guilty said reveal truth to all that she don’t know how to make it and everybody gets shocked. Then Sonam’ Papa said that we didn’t know that you people will take exam of our daughter in tea making.

Otherwise we all prepare any exam for Dhruv as well then Maa said we teach everything to our Dhruv even he is a boy. Then Sonam said I don’t know how to cook but I will teach from you then me and Dhruv will makes food together for you all. Then Sonam made tea herself for all, and on the other side Maa and Buaji plans to break Dhruv and Sonam relationship.

Precap- Babuji reveals that Panditji gives next year’s date for wedding.